Saturday, November 21, 2015

the temperature has a fever

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I mentioned that I run a small free weather program, which feeds off of Yahoo. Just as an insight into my popular girl life, the above are screen grabs I assembled in a few minutes of refreshing this program each time, and you can see that I live in a real climate change area, where the humidity, and temperature, swings from below freezing to above freezing, with the really interesting part in the days of week change too. My little program is a time machine which transports me instantaneously from Monday, to Wednesday to Friday.

This program has been absolutely flawless for almost 2 years. Yet suddenly, when I started exposing the terror Artificial Intelligence which is operating out of Facebook and that traitor Mark Zuckerberg, this program has been non stop sending me through time and temperature.

For those who are looking to explain this away, like all the other things which bounce around here, I also have another site located in the Metro, from when we were there, and that locations is correct, including time and temperature.
I did just check it and in bouncing me around, I was again around the clock and temp.

From a forensic psychological standpoint, the revelations in how these AI work, frameworked on geektard minds like Mark Zuckerberg, does cause me  to pause, as to how absolutely juvenile these minds are that imprint on the AI's.
Wow, we are really going to get these people by screwing with them in messing up a weather program......that will really be something to retaliate with.

I wonder in this, in when they change Vladimir Putin's time and temperature, and his retaliation is a nuclear torpedo frying them to gamma death, if the geektards will realize at that moment, that maybe their sandbox cat shit gotcha's just are something so inconsequential that no one cares.
I mean, big deal, they change the weather program to operate fucked up like Mark Zuckerberg is fucked up in sex and brain. This does not bother me in the least. It is just more public forever posting for when the mob takes over in revolution, that these geektards are all going to be tried and hung before People's Courts.

Just making records of the nonsense.

Nuff said.