Monday, December 21, 2015


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Someone asked about Birdy or Peepers, as he really does not have a name, and now that God has ended the little doe's suffering, the focus is on the frostbite chicken.

This white rooster was quite wild as this was a Cubalaya.........Cuban like emotional Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, so you get the idea Ricky Ricardo.

He is currently sitting behind us, as I type this, and talking and enjoying the place by the furnace in we are keeping him warm, now that he has thawed out......and is pooping in volumes.

His comb is looking better today......than purplish yesterday, but his feet are bit swollen yet.

The question was about chickens and not having legs, or needing prosthetics.

Birds are quite adaptable in if they freeze their toes off, they can get along on little stumpy toes. Legs, they sort of need at least one to hop on, but if it is more, they probably will die. I suppose there could be some expensive artificial limbs or something I could rig up, but those kinds of braces chaff legs and sometimes what the 1870 cure to a bullet to a brain is the kinder remedy.

I have hope about the birdy though. He has tamed down in we can pick him up, and he is eating and drinking. He just needs to stay warm now in no relapses. I do not see any mites on him, so that is a plus, as I  tried kindness before with some birds that came into my care, and we were bitten for weeks from those damn things.

There is some swelling and cracking, but the color is not lethal black. He can move around, balance, the toes work, which means the muscles and joints are operating as much as the nerves, so this is our rather "rare America Bald Condor" who is going to fill in for any parakeet yearnings we might have, as he is going to be in here until spring.......much better than Baby Belle in the kitchen and goats in the living room, but at least the pompous ass who did not reply about a puppy, will now have to deal with the reality that we have a puppy with feathers.

Am wondering with survival how the one hen is going to be.........well shared by two roosters, as I will want this bird's genes, even if he is not too bright. He is making up for things though in being a good patient in standing on a bathroom rug to keep his feet warm.

I just wonder when he is going to start crowing at 3 AM, so I will say, "Thank God the rooster is crowing".