Friday, December 4, 2015

CAUTION: Large Breast Radioactive Thoughts

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Credit is due to media mogul Jeff Rense and his cast of Canadian Dana Durnford  and Yoichi Shimatsu for their constant featuring of Fukahima in it's radioactive contamination of the American coasts and inland.
The reason for the credit is, Right Wing News in very large breasted Cassy Fiano, and we know she is large breasted as she features them, or is seen hiding behind them like the Great Wall of China, has now posted on this story which the Rense people have been writing on for years.

The reason for this post is this end article comment by the brainy Miss Fiano:

The good news is that the radiation is not at dangerous levels. In all likelihood, there’s no reason to be concerned, especially since top scientists are continuing to monitor the situation.

I am not meaning to be unkind in this, but I will explain this so people understand radiation, is like mercury, is like all poison which does not break down.

When nuclear fallout appears in America due to Obama policies, you will be ordered not to eat milk products, eggs, animal or plant fats, due to the fact, that just like Great Lakes fish have the fat along their backbones cut out due to toxic levels of steel industry poisons still in the lake, which are eaten by the bottom feeders, which minnow and insects eat, which the trout and walleye eat.........means like cows eating grass in millions of blades which have radiation on them, that by the time you or some wolf are gnawing on that fat content, means those "non toxic" levels, become concentrated levels as the little organisms concentrate them and they become more concentrated in plant and animal fats.

So for Miss Fiano, a plankton, krill or algae absorbs cesium to concentrate it. Some larger minnow predator eats the or as in whales eat the krill, and all of that nuclear fat goes into their fat deposits. Meaning your lobster, clams, pollack are getting a mega dose of cesium, which when it ends up on your table, you are receiving a concentrated dose, directly into your body at nuclear fallout levels.

I have posted on this, that it is not Fukushima alone, but it is the toxic dump of Asian industry, as all of those factories are belching out tons of radioactive and other toxins, which are flowing down the rivers and raining into the oceans, to join Fukushima, in it's toxic dump appearing off the American coast now.......and yes my children something which Miss Fiano has not discovered is the fact that oceans evaporate, and that water goes into the air, is uneven heated and cooled, to produce a weather front, which in concentration starts in storm fronts of snow and rain, begins dropping 'hot zone' rains and snows all across the United States.

Now this is not as charged as a nuke going off on Denver, and the dust cloud raining fry yourself crispy in Kansas City, but it is how all this cesium is starting to appear in other areas of America. All of that soot from China and India, along with all that evaporation from the ocean, is falling out in North America.

As I do not own a Geiger Counter and I doubt my brother's friend at the grocery he owns would allow me to go sweep the fish and things as a test, I am wondering what kind of rads are going to start being picked up, as this is a building problem, in once radioactivity that does not decay goes into the food chain, it concentrates like Obama voters to regime handouts.

This is why well meaning writers who post on websites in mass, should ask someone who is beyond the always experts, as their expertise falls short and then repeats a Mockingbird propaganda of "no harm here".

Americans keep being exposed to toxic radiation in safe amounts, and in not so long of time, they have tumor and cancer causing concentrations in their organs and are mystified as to how it all got there.

-----On another note:

Right Wing News, Terresa Monroe Dash Hamilton, posted about the media contaminating the San Fernando Muslim Mass Murder's apartment........

Just ask yourself after reading what the Lame Cherry posts tomorrow on the Real Syed Farook, in whose interests would it be for the cop state to stand down, and the media who is paid Mockingbird salaries, to go in and trash a crime scene?

Nuff said