Tuesday, December 1, 2015


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am confused. No not confused about...........I will just tell the story.

So you got Larry Nichols........the guy who exposed the Clinton crimes and has been hanging on them like a curr on a razorbacks leg.

Someone gave Larry Nichols photo intelligence for Obama's ISIS terrorists in Syria in a chemical weapon's plant.

Larry Nichols gave this to Jeff Rense who innocently as a journalist simply posted the information, with the caveat that Russians hack his site all the time.

So enters Uncle Gordy Duff of Veterans Today, whose staff is in contact with Moscow daily, and publishes such things as Doctor's Without Borders, the fine French humanitarian group is running cover for ISIS in claiming everything that Russia bombs is DWB............like all these other sites, that sort of have no doctor's named or people named.......like sort of dead bodies sometimes show up.
Or there is the reality that the entire image Obama's Syrian intelligence is a Syrian ex pat, in England, living over some noodle shop........has not been in Syria in 15 years, but the CIA pays this guys salary.

See what I am confused about is why the above has not joined Andrew Breitbart. Jeff  Rense had an experience earlier this year in someone trying to assassinate him, as has been covered here......and it sort of explains a bit more why all of these people are armed and jacking actions while on the air..

I am grateful for this, as other people become large targets makes me a smaller target, as who pays attention to some popular girl in a private conversation.

The Bush people and the Obama people literally were engaged in planning the breakup of Iraq in selling tanker trucks......same ones ISIS is hauling oil into Turkey with, years ago.  Just making a point in this, that Larry Nichol's source, provided most interesting and specific information, which was not something that comes off a bubblegum wrapper.

Do you recall when I wrote about the people who parented Edward Snowden? How assisting Russia was helping their neutralization of this corrupt Western regime..........someone just passed along target information and it was acted upon immediately as Mr. Putin's bombers blew it up with ISIS leadership.

I am going to whisper this part, in does it make sense now why the Obama regime sent in Special Operations forces to combat "ISIS"......when the regime created ISIS in the first place......so maybe SO is not there doing what is publicized, but is there to try and keep the Russian from visiting in Iraq.......

I think I am going to leave this at that........as you have enough details now to ponder on several subjects you have been hearing about.......and who in France was running cover for ISIS, and making deals with terrorists to gain a French ownership back into the Mideast......and why this all became what it was to get France involved in things, because Russia was blowing the hell out of ISIS..........in other words, if one connects the dots, it might make a bit more sense how a Belgium Muslim, bought a load of guns from a German dealer, and French mutton was served up......almost like a FDR Pearl Harbor getting Japan to invite an America which did not want to be at war, into a war.

This probably should be translated into European languages so I will stop there.

Hot information is being fed directly to the Kremlin and no one on this side is daring at this point to find Andrew Breitbart on the sidewalk again.


Not really, but I did not mention Control, so it is confusing.  If only Parker Dozhier was still around to eat some beaver chili and shoot off some ma deuce at the Chevy on blocks.