Tuesday, December 29, 2015

God Bless Jerry Lewis

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As I have put my life in non stop danger in producing this blog, it is pleasing to hear Americans like Kurt Russell, David Spade and Jerry Lewis finally standing up in putting their lives and careers in jeopardy.

Jerry Lewis Unleashed:

'Refugees should stay where the hell they are'...

Obama 'never prepared;' Not real leader...

'Showman' Trump 'great'.

I am not speaking about the Mockingbird frauds of the "right media" in the Limbaugh mic heads, who have been protecting and promoting Obama as they are all frauds in minding people and diffusing their energies like Ted Cruz ruining the Tea Party.

I do ask though for Americans like Jerry Lewis to take the resistance further, not to the point of being arrested, but to the edge of  leading by their name in putting it all on the line, in starting to repeat that if Donald Trump is not President, and the Congress and Judiciary are not brought to heal to obey Americans, with full prosecution of these criminals and traitors that it will be General Jerry Lewis, spending 100,000 dollars of his own money to raise his own armed legion to assist Donald Trump in taking back America.

David Spade purchased weapons for the Arizona Police and it requires people with names people recognize to start engaging in forming a military, police and civilian alliance to take America back.

All of this has precedent as in the American Revolutionary and Civil Wars, as much as the Spanish American War with Col. Theodore Roosevelt, the Citizens armed behind community leaders for the defense of America.

At this juncture, America needs law abiding, sober minded Patriots, to join being Generals like Jerry Lewis, Chuck Norris, Clint Eastwood, Lee Purcell, Kurt Russell and Hank Williams Jr.

The regime must face pressure in, what it is going to do, arrest America's greatest celebrities and their hundreds or thousands of armed Patriots for Donald Trump?
Set up a Hutatree sting to try and machine gun them down?

The regime and conglomerates try that, and it will begin the Second American  Revolution.

I am telling you, that this is a factor in this, that American Celebrities who are not Obama whores, if they  rise up and begin this process, then the State Militia will return as Ronald Reagan attempted to return to Americans, and then things will indeed change and you will take America back...........and drive the invaders and those who contemplate invasion from that war.

God bless, Jerry Lewis. I am grateful for his speaking out, as I am for all of these brave Americans. I ask more and that more is 200 million Americans loyal to their American States in taking America back, having as their chosen leaders Americans like Jerry Lewis.