Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Hillary's Email Gate

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I really do not know why Edward Snowden is under shoot to kill orders, considering the Obama regime has used it's press to leak more treacherous details, than what Snowden has divulged.

This one in the Wall Street Journal is just precious.

One tool was a cyber implant in Israeli networks that gave the NSA access to communications within the Israeli prime minister’s office.

I will explain the above in the NSA has a backdoor program, which creates an imprint of emails or whatever digital, which spoofs the original server to not record a copy is made, or more specifically a copy is sent........and do not think that this is necessarily an email on secure servers, but it is possible to create an electronic signature as in a radio type wave which would broadcast a pulse signal, or compressed signal sent to the NSA.
It is akin to using cell phone resonance to painting a room in echo. One can literally read communication and feed it through electric transmission lines.

The main point is, every intelligence agency in the world has now confirmation that such a process is capable, and if you know the Israeli's, they install their own spyware which images American software...........ah you might recall when Facebook had it's shutdowns, it was mentioned here.......that is part of the backdoor infrastructure like Hillary's emails. You get the NSA feeds coming out of Facebook in Mark Zuckerberg's spyware, and you shadow that right into the main NSA systems.
It is not that difficult to accomplish, because electricity sings in the wires, exactly like a DVD or old vinyl record. Run the charge through the electrical line and it will imprint to the server, and the receiver will simply read it.

The entire United States infrastructure is compromised. The Obama regime was reading Congressional emails as much as every foreign government. You have to get this, as I revealed this years ago in the brown recluse at the White House spying on the blog and the disruptions here, were piggyback spying on all the NSA systems........that means one taps this NSA feed and you get every network in the world plugged in.

Early in the Obama presidency, for example, Unit 8200 gave the NSA a hacking tool the NSA later discovered also told Israel how the Americans used it. It wasn’t the only time the NSA caught Unit 8200 poking around restricted U.S. networks. Israel would say intrusions were accidental, one former U.S. official said, and the NSA would respond, “Don’t worry. We make mistakes, too.”

I told you there are different levels in why Hillary Clinton left her servers open to hack US intelligence. One of these reasons was to cover what Unit 8200 was engaged in, as much as you might recall I mentioned in 2009 that Obama had hired "contractors" from Israel to spy on Americans........you are looking in the right group source in 8200 political minders.

This should probably wrap up before toes are stepped on, but do not miss, Jew Rupert Murdoch was a sub plot of MI6, the WSJ runs this information, against Jews of the Netanyahu order. A number of factions playing both ends against the middle.