Monday, December 14, 2015

I am Woman her me Roar

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I learned tonight in a correspondence that I am not a woman. While I was on Facebook, before that sadist Mark Zuckerberg stole my girly identity, I had a bed fuzz who failure who kept calling me a man and doing other girly things to try and provoke an argument with me, because he desired to be punished for his life in his loving father did not drown him at birth.
If his father was truly loving, he would not have ejaculated into the home port, but that would not have saved the bed fuzz from being the lint in this existence it chose to be.

I am going to do something which only I can do, and interview myself, as no one else is qualified to ask me questions which would be intelligent, meaning only women ask interesting questions.

Do you like to cook? Yes I do.

Do you know the difference between a crochet G and D hook? Yes I do.

Have you ever worn a dress? Yes I have.

Do you think with your penis? No I do not.

Are lesbians highly attracted to you? For some odd reason, yes......and unfortunately sodomite males call me sweetie too at Home Depot.

I sincerely believe on the above evidence I could gain a conviction that I am a popular girl.

Is PD James a man or a woman?

Is DC Fontana a man or woman?

Did you know that when the Lindbergh baby was kidnapped, the kidnapper included in the ransom note the phrase "dastardly deeds"? and it was this unique verbiage which exposed a great deal about him?

It really does not matter if I am a woman. It does not matter that I might be a very adept morphic writer, a person capable of composing in gender for a reason. None of it matters, because in Heaven this male female sorting is not available and true form will once again appear.

Forensic Psychology, of which I am the Freud, Kant, Jung mother of, is a field of construct in the mind of lucidity based upon illogical reasoning.   No one thinks and therefore they are, but they are so therefore they think. People are drawn to power to siphon that power and people are drawn to weakness to abuse it. Both are manifestations of anti Light. What causes the human to move from point A to point B is the relevance, but that relevance is the same drive to power.

If you need a Helen Reddy song to voice what you are, you are nothing already, and the song is a definition of what you are not. Tashfeen Malik like all Islamic towel wearers took on the male persona as Islamic males are all effeminates. It is what Islam is. Islam is not a religion of violence, but is a religion of sexual infighting of what is inside the human, which is the avenue for the Islamists to be given excuse to destroy themselves.

Women are taking on masculine personas, because men have become indulgent animals abusing themselves or denying themselves and becoming women. 

I really have to go to bed as the woman in me is womb of creation producing far too many offspring each day and I am weary in the day which is tomorrow. That sentence reminds though of something I need to inquire before the day departs and I become someone I was not the day before.

I like typos. The title is a Holy Ghost typo. All credit to God as to find a picture that is not Helen Reddy.