Thursday, December 17, 2015

It is the Bear Cave which is the Nuclear Factor

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Pat Buchanan wrote a fine article on WND and I post below a comment I added, as there was a troll on the page acting the part that America could continue bitch slapping Vladmir Putin as America was the tough guy in the world.
This is your single percent Christie, Bush, Graham and whatever full eyebrow Neanderthals voting block of morons.

For those disparaging Mr. Buchanan's remarks and lumping Vladimir Putin into the Adolf Hitler category, there is more than the fact that atomic and hydrogen bombs are at issue as they ignorantly view this from a flat world American view. What this must be viewed at is from a Russian center view.
What does Russia see? It sees the Ukraine and Georgia as forward bases to intimidate Russia, and the genocide of Russian ethnics there. It sees Syria as a forward base into the Muslim Caucasus to establish another front against Russia. It sees that the powers of the west, behind the regimes, are looking to seize Russian oil, the way Iraqi and Syrian oil has been seized, and not that a two front probing war in Ukraine and Syria is being opened by proxy to balkanize Russia.
To Moscow, this is a war of their genocide, exactly as the first two world wars against Germany were initiated, when Germany was a threat to the same western aristocracy and financiers pushing this war, to "wipe out all traces of that Obama 17 trillion dollars in debt which Americans owe".
Pat Buchanan is correct in his analysis from his experience in the Nixon Administration, but has left out the chilling reality in this scenario. The first time in which Vladimir Putin was President, he used the money from those record petroleum prices and exports to build a network of nuclear survivable shelters in Russia. If people have forgotten, there is an entire Kremlin city built into a nuclear proof mountain in one aspect of this alone. If this madness of the elite of the west offering up millions of dead Americans and Europeans is engaged in, you will be dead, the elite will live in their bunkers in the west, but the Russians will survive as a people, as the continuity of nation is what Vladimir Putin has been preparing for, while most of you reading this were more concerned about watching Ted Turner propaganda cartoons on Saturday morning.
America has been put into the grave by the Obama regime. It is going to take a Donald Trump working with Vladimir Putin, not appeasing him, but not threatening him. The problem for America is the old diplomatic corp of the Reagan era has vanished and these Bush, Clinton and Obama leftist ideologues, interspersed with drone diplomacy have allowed a conglomerate mentality to endanger the world.
One EMP event will project out in one year to 100 million dead Americans from lack of clean water, food, death by exposure and disease. That is one out of three reading this and do not think you are the blessed two who survive, because John Kennedy when he almost blundered America into nuclear war, would have chosen to be vaporized, as he judged the aftermath would not be worth living through.
This is not some game where you get to switch the channel when Vladimir Putin and his Generals have had it with being abused. We are already are involved in the Great Eurasian War, and the west does not ever want what comes next.
Does anyone really want to have their lives obliterated over protecting ISIS oil caravans being shipped into Turkey?
That is rhetorical.

I really hate the comment sections.