Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Jeb Bush Cemented in Last Place Loser


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I forgot how much I missed the Col. Klink of politics in Jeb Bush flying off like Superman, only to run smack dab into a brick wall and sliding down it, down for the count. There is just something about watching this Charlie Brown line up for Lucy holding the ball, only to pull it away.

So we had this big theater of Black Preachers Matter in a hundred or so brave souls appearing as Americans and endorsing Donald Trump, while other blacks are stuck on stupid or image Obama in worshiping that false image.
You know I would like one reporter to ask these black preachers if it is an abomination for Obama to be called a messiah, instead of Christ and if it is blasphemy for them not to denounce this abomination. Yet no one on the Daily Beast like Goldie Coochie Taylor will ever think of a question like that,  while hating on a white guy named Trump.

So Donald was having a good day being loved again, and Jeb Bush just had to show his Klink again by lynching Herman Cain, but saying Cain burned out and so would Trump. Why on earth pull out the bull whip and go to work on Cain, who has his own radio audience, has his own billionaire club, along with a PAC funding Ben Carson, would anyone start another political problem with blacks.........only Jeb Bush would know.
It was not enough that Karl Rove tried to lure Ben Carson to be the live mine sweeper in offering a billionaire backer, who was now friends with Donald Trump, under the guise of using the Darkie to politically assassinate Donald Trump, so Jeb could take this place.............and yes Herman Cain and every black with a brain knew what the Bush's were up to in trying to pimp Ben Carson, so the fury was already there.

So......as this all started, why not piss off a rich black man with a media outlet and call him a lazy Nig.

That all makes perfect political sense to Jeb Bush.

So Herman Cain replied, by taking Massa Jeb's whip, and whipping Jeb's ass, exposing him as a fool, and pointing out again that JEB BUSH IS CEMENTED AT 5 PERCENT IN THE POLLS. I mean there is........wait let this be a Lame Cherry quote:

"Like death and taxes, the sun rising in the east and setting in the west, you can be sure  that Jeb Bush will be the bottom of every poll, right, left or center."

- Lame Cherry

I really would like to see a medley of polls for Jeb Bush. The Lame Cherry polls would be something like, who actually could Jeb Bush beat.

Jeb Bush or dirt?

Jeb Bush or Hitler who created jobs and made people safe?

Jeb Bush or satan?

Seriously, I would like to see a poll in the Bush family, and see if he garnered more than 5% among that Bush group.

There is nothing like erupting Black Rage Matters in the new duo of Karl Rove and Jeb Bush. Lynching black people must have been their second phase brilliant operation, as Jeb has failed at attacking everyone in the race.......and now has started attacking people not in the race, and the black guy Herman Cain kicked his ass.

I really do not know what is left for Jeb Bush. He tried picking on dead Ronald Reagan and Reagan kicked his ass. Tried picking on Trump and Trump kicked his ass. Tried picking on the latins an the latins kicked his ass. Tried picking on Herman Cain and Cain kicked his ass. I suppose Jeb can kick puppies in phase 3.....and maybe try picking on mythical characters not Super Girl, as his cock drippings over her was just creepy. Maybe Jeb can take on Godzilla.........I just have a feeling though that Godzilla will kick Jeb Bush's ass too.

Jeb Bush even kicks Jeb Bush's ass. I honestly do not know anything this man has done right. It just stuns me yet though to see the stupid things this man does. It is like the last thing anyone would think of doing in knowing it would be a disaster and Jeb Bush is like the dipstick 6 year old, blurting it out.

I want to assure everyone, that I welcome Herman Cain and with his support of Donald Trump, would be pleased if he was included in the government to deal with finding ways to get job creation in poverty areas, white, black, brown and yellow all across America. I simply will not put up with anyone attempting to derail Donald Trump as America is dead and Obama rotting, and we have no time left to waste on cartel puppets. This election has to be right and the adults have to do it right as there will be no more chances, as world war is coming.

The only thing left for Jeb Bush is to come out and endorse Hillary Clinton.......that is about what one would expect from Col. Klink of the candidates.