Saturday, December 5, 2015

Mosque Rouge

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Attempting to understand a Muslim feud is like trying to understand one grain of sand from a billion others.

- Lame Cherry

When the Lame Cherry warned the world, that the Obama regime was placing America into an Islamic tribal feud, in Birther Hussein,  being a secular Islamist at war with other Muslims, no one paid attention, but now that the San Bernandino mass shooting has occurred, it is the very thing this blog warned of, in the Obama regime murdering Nationalist Muslims in Eurasia, would have Muslim competitors following the Birther back into America to create terrorism in the United States.

The center of this White Paper is the Red Mosque of Pakistan, which was started by a Muslim fanatic, and after the Shia murdered this Sunni, the Mosque fell to his sons.

The father, was always in a close working relationship with the Pakistani intelligence services, and that was his protection from the Pakistani regime.
Do not overlook for a moment that Barack Hussein Obama traveled as a college boy, with his wealthy Pakistani boyfriend, for a family outing and honored partridge hunt.

The Obama regime was heavily involved in Pakistan in this tribal feud from Day One. The main Obama foreign Islamic policy was to get Muslims to accept bribes of being dope lords, sex lords, weapons lords or lords over fiefdoms, to manage things, and become once again a force to be utilized in Syria as a front line, to wage war on Vladimir Putin's Russia.

Into this, we have the Red Mosque. The father was like the sons, the one surviving not killed by the Pakistani Army during an uprising at the Mosque, is Aziz, is directly connected to PAK Intel. Aziz trains the taliban and al Qaeda. He has a woman's school, and he is deeply tied to the northern hinterlands in those tribal peoples.
These people were the original bin Laden compatriots and close allies of the Sheik. It is at this point that you need to examine this mix of grains of sand.

PAK army answers to the regime, and is at odds with the Red Mosque as it is a competitor to the hinterlands tribes. PAK intel enjoys a close relationship with the Red Mosque as it does with the Taliban and al Qaeda.
The Red Mosque announced full support of ISIS in Iraq. That is when the Obama regime was building ISIS to use as a zombie force to destroy Russia.
Into this the Obama regime has been busy from Day One in droning allies of the Red Mosque, al Qaeda, Taliban, and turning the contraband  trade over to these community organized Muslims.

Backing this up, Pakistan wanted a nuclear bomb to neutralize India's nuclear bomb. Saudi Arabia wanted a nuclear bomb to neutralize Iran's nuclear bombs which Russia sold them. Saudi Arabia paid for Pakistan's nuclear bomb, and therefore the Saudi bomb or think of this all as the Sunni Bomb, against the Shia bomb.
Obama likes Muslim bombs on both sects. The Red Mosque was never a problem for the Obama regime and no drone attacks, so they were on the close working ties front.......and there never was a problem with IS gaining a nuclear weapon from Pakistan, as it would be just another weapon against Russia, which was backing both Shia Iran and Sunni Syria.

The grains of sand all look the same, but each one is different and working against each other.

For we have regime Obama knocking of friends of the Red Mosque, whacking bin Laden's corpse for Zawahiri, members of the Taliban, tribal leaders, and that makes for an interesting thing as the Obama regime backs the secular Pakistani regime......but the Red Mosque wants to be the Sharia Law ruler in Pakistan.

This is all about the reality of Obama promising sheep sex to everyone and not enough mutton for the feast.

The Red Mosque is now being blamed for the San Bernadino mass shooting, because the Saudi's do not want another one of their changelings in the Flute Charmer, Malik, blaming the Saudi's again for more 9 11 stuff. The Red Mosque is a scapegoat, because it is a competitor and no longer necessary in being the Obama regime is handing Afghanistan over to the Taliban, and ISIS is drawing off the lions share of Muslims from al Qaeda. Simply put, the old terror groups have been short changed, in favor of Obamanized new Marxist terrorists.

I probably should simplify this in something you can see in the grains of sand which explains the Red Mosque.

Who was a friend of Barack Obama in 2009, named Col. Khadaffi, who Obama had murdered to install Marxist terrorists? Yes Khadaffi.

Who was a friend of Barack Obama in 2009, named Hosni Mubarak, of Egypt, who Obama overthrew and put in a cage" Yes Mubarak.

Who was a friend of Barack Hussein Obama in 2009, gaining Boeing contracts, but Bashir Assad of Syria who later became an Obama target? Yes Assad.

You should understand by now that Obama has a history of throwing Muslims who thought he was a friend, to the grave when necessity with the Red Mosque not being a problem, nor was the Mini Skirt Muslim Malik, from Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, all of that suddenly became a problem when someone not getting huge sums of Obama bribes engaged in a mass shooting at San we do not shine the light on the Wahabbists of bin Laden, as they are supposed to be all dead, and of course the Saudi's bankroll the Wahabbists.......along with funding all the Mosques and clerics and mullahs in let us just blame the Red Mosque for the Mini Skirt Muslim, as we can not blame the Sunni Turks or Sunni Saudis managing ISIS for the Obama regime.

Just a moment in this as you missed this too.........

Malik in order to throw the Americans off her bin Laden PAK Intel trail, posted on Facebook praising ISIS.........yet the Obama regime was busy not briefing Pakistan on ISIS, but on the Red Mosque which never came up in the praise.

The Obama regime knew Malik was an intelligence asset, and is why she was coded as someone on the non watch list. Suddenly though in feigning no knowledge of this woman.......the Obama regime had files on her linking her to the Red Mosque......and better yet for the propaganda the regime revealed how much they knew and feared mini skirt Malik, because she was the one person who was being protected in a news blackout, until the Lame Cherry pointed the story in that direction.

Tashfeen Malik was planning on an evacuation, surviving, and pointing the finger of scrutiny at ISIS. ISIS knew Malik was engaged in this attack, because Malik was in contact with ISIS, because this was about her protecting her Pakistani and Saudi controllers, who have been neglected by the Obama regime, and this was meant to wrest control of the ISIS zombie squad from the Obama regime, so they can regain the command and control over their spheres of influence.

There are too many grains of sand in this beach of Obama Islam to keep track of, but the Red Mosque is deemed an expendable to protect more prominent Muslim powers.

For a few reality checks on the Red Mosque. It is not in Saudi Arabia, but Saudi Arabia is where the Farook's were.
The Red Mosque was not praised, ISIS was.
The Red Mosque has many now powerful enemies, and only the survivors of the Obama purge of Muslims.

So who gets to be blamed when they were not on any Obama screeds when the Red Mosque was backing ISIS having nuclear weapons........why now it is the Red Mosque.

This is what happens in Islamic tribal feuds. It is never about the murder and terrorism, but it is about blaming the Muslim at the table that does not have the information to bring down your Obama regime.

I would love to have a Dream Freeze bar now. Lovely orange sherbet surrounding very nice vanilla on a stick.

It is not climate change that makes Muslims angry. It is they do not have nice ice creams or sherbets. People who eat ice cream and sherbet are pleasant people and never need things like Islam, mosques or the koran.

It is probably evident by now that I care much more about Dream Freeze bars than any of this. Everyone  talks about chocolate and vanilla, but it is really vanilla and orange which are the things that get along with in this world.

MI6 pointing the finger for the Obama regime caught with ISIS couscous on it's face.

San Bernardino shooting woman is linked to Pakistan radical ...

Sources tell Daily Mail Online that the US has found evidence linking Tashfeen Malik, the Pakistan woman in the terrorist murder of 14, to an infamous radical mosque ...

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