Friday, December 25, 2015

Nimrod's Tide

The Lord is a jealous God, filled with vengeance and wrath. He takes revenge on all those who oppose Him and furiously destroys His enemies!
The Lord is slow to  become angry, but His power is great, and He never lets the guilty go unpunished.

Who can stand before His fierce anger? Who can survive His burning fury? His rage blazes forth like fire, and the mountains crumble to dust in His presence.

The Lord is good. When trouble comes, He is a strong refuge. And He knows everyone who trust in Him. But He sweeps away His enemies in an overwhelming flood. He pursues His foes into the darkness of night.

- Nahum the Prophet.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Nahum was Inspired by the Holy Ghost to send a Witness and a Judgment upon Nineveh, the progenitors of the modern German peoples still in Germany. They had been utilized to remove the northern Kingdom of Israel, who the Americans and Western Europeans are now descended from.
They were a brutal people and a highly successful people, but in all their might, when their time came to have the wrath of God poured upon them, it came with complete ruin.

Whenever I speak of the ancestors of modern peoples, that past is the past. The Germans answering Martin Luther freed with the Israelites there the entire world from Vatican enslavement. The German Lutheran is as at home in the Kingdom of God as any Israelite American Lutheran, providing they are Christ's and not being led astray by the minders now ruining those Protestant religions.

I desire all of you to know and understand that all of the tools of satan who are changing America, bringing American genocide, as much those forces plotting the ruin of the English, the French, the Scandinavians, Slavs, Russians etc.... are all going to face utter ruin, exactly the way every person who has harmed you, is facing wrath every day.

There are two forces involved in this. There is the force of Creation and the force of destruction. One is Life giving and one is life consuming. One is God and one is satan.

People have to understand that doing something productive, whether it is work, enjoyment or serenity in sipping tea, produces an electrical charge which affects and effects beyond their boundaries. The same is the fact in when people steal, inflict violence or bring misery to others, that negative charge is out there, spreading and it affects and effects others.

Life or Creation is a force which does not have an end, because it does not require the consuming of resources as it generates. Destruction or consumption does have an end, as it always runs out of a fuel source.

I mentioned how Birther Obama had his rites and his fuel consumption to create the zombie waves to buoy up his illegitimacy. If you have not noticed it, since the Birther left this world on June 13th, 2013, that curve has degraded, become stagnant, and is consuming itself.

Every person who is evil. Every nation which inflicts upon it's Citizens or other peoples is producing a consumptive charge, which is going to return to the source of that evil.
In a reflection, that is what hell or gehenna is. It is a focal point of the antithesis of God. It is the culmination of being the force center of all that is voided of God.

God provides all of us free will, but God's Will always prevails. God is a consuming flame in the Holy Ghost. In Nahum the Prophet, God reveals Himself as filled with vengeance and wrath. This is the same God defined as Love. Love of Good brings about a hatred of evil, for evil is a murderous force against Good.
When you are God's child, you are joined to Him. So anyone doing things to you that hurt you, God feels and it is done to Him.
Sometimes we note that God does not rain fire and brimstone down on people or strike them dead with lightning, but God has a complete view of the situation, and sometimes there is something in that person that might repent yet, and until that is seared out like the Canaanites or Sodomites, God gives that opportunity. When though that soul is so 'iniquity complete', there is not any reason for God to withhold wrath and fury being poured out, because it will only hurt others and it will only provide a lower level of torment as these people degrade.

It is hard to watch these people seem to have it all. Grinning at us while calling us the evil, or living in nice homes as we do not have them. Nineveh though is a promise as it was as grand as any fortress city ever built, and when the time came, it was destroyed and is now a mound of nothing in Iraq.
Jonah the Prophet was a great deal like us in being angry with God, because God would not Judge Nineveh because of Jonah's work. But God notes that in Nineveh there were many things in Nineveh, including animals which would be destroyed.

It is no comfort to us desiring to be avenged like the Saints before God in Revelation, calling out "How long Lord?" It is though something we cling to in Christ that their end will come, and after this veil of tears passes, we will not remember these hurts or these people any more. Those memories will be wiped from our minds like tears, while their tears will be forever or littered among the forgotten ashes.

We can pray for our enemies to repent, as it only torments them more in this life and it heaps burning coals upon their heads. 

I believe in the Promises of God, in the completion of Prophecies He foretold. God says a Great Tribulation is coming. All of this evil is stored like all of your tears before God. God will allow all that evil to consume itself and He will finally consume it. It will come to a point of being so evil, that it will destroy every life on earth unless the time was shortened.

One day those who torment us, will be food for maggots and dogs. There will be so many dead, it will require years to bury them all. Then the closure which we seek will be a liberty from that which burdened us, but in that we have to understand that without the need for vengeance from God, we are going to have to have something inside of us built so that we have nothing.
What we build are the Peace, the Joys  and the Love. We love ourselves for God loved us first. We love the Good in each other. We love our pets. We love the beauty in this world which pleases us. The Love is what we bring with us, for we are love.
We are not the hate and consumption of the evil. We hate the evil rightly in not being a part of it. We do not allow the evil to change us from the Good in us.

The Scriptures indicate that 1 in 10 of your relatives in Israel surived the Assyrian slaughter. That is how evil Israel was and it is how evil America and Western Europe is and degrading worse to a time with the inquity will be full. Your foreparents were chosen to be planted so that you could receive Christ's and Abraham's Promises. You have been chosen to inherit with Christ His Kingdom when all of these usurped evil regimes pass away like Nineveh. That is your destiny and is your reward. You have not been called to inherit a world already kindled, but to inherit a world cleansed of evil by Christ.

Remember always your being a Christian, the most wonderful and awesome honor in being God's. The God Who Loves you for He created you. You are His. You are a Christian.

In 33 AD, the Jews slaughtered Jesus the Son of God. At 70 AD, God moved the Romans to destroy Jerusalem. God remembers and revisits evil, just as God remembers Good and rewards good.
What Nimrod founded, God ended. What Christ founds in you, is forever.