Monday, December 14, 2015

The Cos Sleepover

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am curious as to what is of greater value?

"Bill Cosby, you raped my pussy!!!!


"You women assassinated my Cosby character!!!!"

I wonder what historical 44 Obama would judge this case as Solomon terms, as Solomon ruled on a case of dead babies and live babies by ordering to divide the live child, whereby the Mum said the fake mother could have the kid to save the child.

This is important really, as you have like a hundred raped pussies coming out not as lesbian, but having been raped by a black Obama voter, and no the black Obama voter in Bill Cosby is suing the raped pussies for assassinating his character.
The thing which puzzles me in this, is why Bill Cosby is not suing the network which cancelled his new Cosby show, as that is financial damages, and he instead is suing genitals for saying his character was assassinated.

This is something of an oddity as how do you win in this, in you have a group of women saying they were raped, and everyone believes the women, so Cosby hauls the women back into court to rape them again judicially.....or if they are all lying, Cosby is raping them judicially in abusing them for the first time.

None of this is going to turn out well, as you know this is going to be some really Johnny Cochrane a hole attorney, getting women on the stand, being verbally raped to make them break, to give the impression that they are all whores, as everyone knows in some law that is not written, that you can not rape a whore.

So Bill Cosby is going to win, by hauling Diane Parkinson out in public and calling her a bimbo, like that ass Bob Barker did to her. Meaning, Cosby's victory is going to be hauling women into court, a whole city full of women, and making them cry and go nuts, while painting them as all whores.
Somehow in this there is the maxim of "Make women cry and you lose". Making 100 women cry is not good theater and it makes you look like you are a misogynist who gets off on beating the hell out of women....which is where all of this starts.

Look Bill Cosby's life is over and someone needs to tell Cosby this fact. At the least he is an adulterer. At worst he is a serial rapist. At the heinous he gets off in hauling women he raped or did not rape into court to abuse them, to get something back that he will never get back.

Cosby needs to have someone explain to him, that most of the world has with Obama, is suffering from Nigger Exhaustion. We do not want any more OJ, we are all waiting for image Obama to set sun in the west, and we do not want to deal with what kind of black man Bill Cosby is.

I mean Charlie Sheen gets blackmailed over giving perverts sex diseases, not for raping them. Hugh Hefner never gets hauled into court for rape. Maybe if you have women accusing Kobi Bryant of things, that something like what Bill Cosby is accused of, is sort of like Obama being accused of what is now obvious to all, in Barack Hussein is a sodomite just like Lawrence Sinclair stated he was.
Thing is the white guys pay off their sex wrongs, but the black guys throw Lawrence Sinclair into prison, try to destroy little Colorado girls, and go after dozens of women in court over rape. Sort of a pattern there is it not, in blacks cover up their sex crimes in assaulting people in prisons and courts.

All Bill Cosby needed to do like all famous black men is to not be adulterers. That solves everything. Instead of viagra and date rape drugs, blacks simply need a good shot of cock deflater to stay out of trouble.

...........of Bill Cosby needed to hire Bill Clinton's cock shield, AKA, George Stephanopolous to write some obfuscation and then donate a fortune to "Pussy Lives Matter", hire some media whores to say how understanding Bill is, and how we are all trying to put this behind us and grow......and like Michael Jackson, the pedophile, Bill would be on Entertainment White House sexing the Obama girls as Uncle Cos comes to town.