Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Dregs of Christmas

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am taking the time in this post to express our appreciation for your generosity in those who have prayed, expressed kind words or asked for prayers, and those who could donate. I personally want to assure everyone that none of  the prayers, the notes or a single sent has been wasted on anything.
It is still my purpose to trust in the Lord, to magnify what we save, to have some land of our own to build with our own hands someday, our own earth sheltered home to assist in surviving the Great Tribulation.

It is hard to share personal things about myself, but if I can teach people things in what I experience, I hope that it might help others at least in the information, if not in finding out how to obtain an Obamacare waiver.

Today we were at Social Services, trying to find a way like 160 million other people either out of work or who are on Social Security like Mom, to find something for her to make things easier in her walk with a cane life.

The meeting lasted 45 minutes, and we had the paperwork all filled out, so TL and I sat in the hallway, and while I supposedly live in a white state, I saw more blacks with blings showing up for free groceries than I knew were  in a dozen counties.
Somehow seeing 14 year old black boys with new designer jeans, new tennis shoes, more diamonds than Marilyn Monroe wore on her fingers, does not convince me that these people in new clothes are poor.

There was about a 4 foot tall squat old gal there administering filling grocery bags, and as she was asking us if we were there for that, I started my being nosy journalism mode, and started talking to her about things.
She was a nice lady and told us about this grocery service which fills bags for the poor who qualify 6 time a year. I apparently looked in need, so she was talking a great deal.

She appeared awhile later and asked if we wanted a tour, and I more than was happy to view her operation, which was shelves stacked and sorted of food. I had offered to move boxes for her, but she did not have room for the new supplies of canned goods, which had been donated, so we just talked for a bit.

She said the Mexicans were there yesterday, could not say word of English, but hugged her after she filled their bags. She mentioned that the rich people in the state over have absolutely nothing like her operation.....yes a multi billion dollar state with land 20,000 and acre and they are too cheap to donate groceries for the poor, but where we live in the brier patch, people are busy constantly donating food.

One farmer had a steer break a leg, so he donated that in getting it butchered. That was one large pile of hamburger for poor people which was really good food. She said that meat was about running out, but a 4 H prize hog had ended up in her freezer too this summer.

There was one guy there, which I did not know if he had a fag partner, as he had a little dog, but the rag picker looked like he needed the groceries.
His pants were rolled up from a size that looked like they would have fit an NBA player with 7 foot legs.
I never look these people over, as it is humiliating for them to be beggars. I know what is like being here begging for money,  and I am not about to put people through that in watching them.

He came over though after he got his box filled and said, "You know I once had a 10,500 square foot mansion in Palm Springs, working for the government. I became a whistle blower on the organized mafia crime involved, and for that, they took everything from me.

This American looked like a mountain man, or something living in a junk yard, but what he ended with as he walked off was the real point, he said, "That is what Donald Trump is trying to expose and put an end to."

The lady running the grocery bags said he was a little off, but then I suppose if I worked for the regime and someone started telling me about things I never dreamed of, then I would be beam me up Scottie too.
Problem is that is what I deal with all the time in this vocation here at the Lame Cherry, and I get it from people I befriend in betraying me.

I sat there watching these people, and what always runs through my mind, "There but for the Grace of God go I".  No one at 5 years old, even in shitty families of being rich or poor, getting abused or neglected ever thinks they are going to end up in prison or begging groceries out of a government grocery running donations to the poor. We all have our dreams and think we are something more, but some of us, are either too honest or make mistakes, or for  whatever reasons are out there, we end up in places we never dreamed.

Being a beggar is humiliating. Filling out paperwork to get an Obamacare waiver is humiliating, especially when you can not find the information, and you write to your Senator, and the Senator's rich little prick writes you a letter with a brush off in not providing what to look for on the Obama site..........and it takes some Holy Ghost Inspiration to figure out to search not for waiver, but exemption or something else, as they are hiding all of this from people to make people give up. And that is exactly what it is, as most people are not that bright, are on meds, their senses are dull, and they are forced to give up as they do not have a way to get to any place to fill out the papers.

The grocery bag lady said that the young people now are buffoons. They bitch about the free stuff is not their brand or they do not know how to cook something from scratch. We put in 4 years of English that kids can not read, but it is not required to have a home ec course in teaching these worthless children how to make a meal.

I hope Donald Trump is President, for the one reason in that what Donald Trump is going to provide is an environment of human dignity, where people are going to be able to be freed from taxes in being poor, and thus will look to earn some cash, and be able to have the human dignity to provide for themselves a bit, so they learn to be free again.

That is what 2016 means to me as Donald Trump is the only one speaking to the mob in caring about it, and speaking of a way for all of these people which are being shoved onto welfare and handouts, to have a chance at life which is going to make them stop being a burden on each of you.

There is nothing worse than being homeless or an inmate from welfare  or a prison, because there is absolutely no way now to free yourself from this, because all the regime offers is putting you into debt to colleges and housing loan groups for the rest of your lives to pay off for that "freedom".

This does not sound much like a Merry Christmas message, but it is as frank as the one in the Christmas Carol, where the people were asking Scrooge for a donation and he replied, "Are there not workhouses which I pay taxes for?", or, the more telling reality of so soul raping people now in giving them nowhere to turn which allows them human dignity, but instead enslaves them to this Marxist regime.

I am not a bleeding heart liberal, because they caused all of this in their agenda, in taking away the opportunities from a generation ago, and building this Oabma Abyss. I was made to sit with the Dregs of Christmas today, and be looked upon as the dregs of the planet, because of where I was. No one there knew I was La'me Cherry, one of the most gifted individuals ever.

I watch these Niggers scam the system and these Mexicans steal food from American's mouths. I know they are here because the Niggers in the big cities are capping them and the Mexicans are butchering them there. They are going to be my problem and all of our problems, because they are liars scamming the system and do not give a damn about honesty.
I also watch you wealthy people scam the system and scam me and every person you are stealing from, like you do this blog. I watch you scam yourselves in eluding to your being poor, when I was on Facebook long enough watching your tens of thousands of dollars in new wood floors, matching china...........your new swimming pools going in, to several hundred dollars for gardening supplies..........to sending your child around the globe on a jet trip. Sure it is your money, but do not lie to me or to God in telling the world how poor you are!!!!!!!
You got money to talk about motorcycles, handguns ............buying things period, and that is the proof you are not poor, as my idea of a big purchase is 12 dollars in quarter used t shirts so TL and I will have some clothes for the next few years.

There are a few of you who have been widow's mite generous and a few who kept things running here. I am grateful and I feel guilty, even taking a prayer for me, which could have been for your children. I am never talking about you, nor about people who had their nuts handed to them in being betrayed. It is just I go through something like today again, I am with the dregs that society has thrown away, the regime cares for them because there is a job and profit in it for them, as much as political power, and they like satan never let them loose.

I have thought about going for broke, but existing in a government housing would kill me literally as I can not surive in a city. It would mean betraying the animals here. There never would be a Baby Belle or a Baby Daisy. I could not survive long without them or having the feed store guys dog, love me so much today  that she shoved her nose onto my lips and into my mouth for a real mistletoe kiss as Lacey loves me so very much.
Which reminds me I have to go wash that off.......if supper has not already washed it off as I forgot about that until now.

Poor people and lost animals are all the same. Most are just in need of a little freedom and a place called home to be a joy to life. If you wealthy people who have been stealing from God and me for years, can not find out of 160 million poor people, out of work people and old people, one person to make a difference for, then you are the Rich man and Lazarus on your way to hell.
Unfortunately you are not going to get a visit from 3 ghosts to show what an asshole you are. The only wake up knock you are going to get is from this blog as you coolly assess in your seared soul that there is no way to get to you or you believe the excuse you keep telling yourself in not being your brother's keeper.
Yes the world is full of assholes like you, who are like cats sniffing at fish and thinking you should give steak, but there are more than enough decent people in your own states and provinces, who you could make a difference with in being Christmas for them over the next year. You certainly have not donated shit here, stressing your fortunes, so you have not given until it hurt, but only not given to the hurt of your souls.

II Corinthians 9:6, 7

But this I say, He which soweth sparingly shall reap also sparingly; and he which soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully.
Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver.

The dregs of Christmas have a purpose. Ronald Reagan's parents were poor and his father was an alcoholic. What kind of radioactive world would it be if those dregs had not been afforded a chance.
Donald Trump was born with a golden spoon in his mouth, but is looking to make an America where the dregs will have a chance at putting silver spoons into their own mouths, enriching all of us.

They have silver eyes as they turn to gold upon seeing evil, which is a part of them as much as their human side, but they destroy the evil and become not a part of it.