Friday, December 4, 2015

The Flute Player

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Americans are gullible beyond compare.

If John Dillinger's brother told you, that he had no idea his brother was a gangster, would you believe him?

If Saddam Hussein's brother told you, that he had no idea his brother tortured people, would you believe him?

It is so odd, in none of you believe a thing coming out of George W. Bush's mouth, and yet when Farhan Khan, the Islamic brother in law of the Muslim who just  shot up California with his imported wife, tells you he had no idea his relatives were believe the Associated Press as it is fact, because we all know that Muslims never lie, never terrorize people, never cheer when Americans are mass slaughtered and never murder people.

Speaking at an Anaheim Islamic center, Farhan Khan, brother-in-law of Tashfeen and Farook, said that he was completely unaware of any plans that the couple may have had to carry out the mass shooting. Khan himself was floored by the news, reported AP.

This is the American Nightmare. You have Muslim immigrants who appear in America, get divorced, the family breaks up, the old Muslim veil wearer gets the kids, and then places an ad online for a crippled wife for this Syed Farook.
You have to get something is wrong in this family, when they are looking for a wife for their son, and he is scouring the internet, and one of the terms is the woman is a cripple. That should throw up red flags.

A profile appearing to be for San Bernardino, California killer Syed Farook was posted on a dating website called iMilap, which caters to people with disabilities as well as people looking for a second marriage. Farook's profile, allegedly posted by his parents, describes a modern Muslim who enjoyed target practice in the backyard with his siblings. According to the profile, Farook did not have a physical disability. 

All of this goes back to the Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, in the Flute Player AKA the some kind of wife of Syed Farook, Tashfeen Malik.


What we know of this border jumper is she is supposed to be Pakistani. We know that Farook went to Saudi Arabia for a month, and appeared with a wife, who somehow in the OBAMA REGIME AMNESTY OF MUSLIM TERRORISTS, got out of Saudi Arabia, where she was not a national, and into America as a "fiance" K1 Visa for Farook.

We know for certain, that there were not any terrorist activities, until this Pakistani Obama import appeared on the scene. We also know other realities.

Farook and Malik appeared from the Mideast in the "spring" as a fiance. In doing the math on immaculate conceptions like Stan Ann Dunham being a 10 month baby and Birther Hussein being an 8 month baby, that these Muslims were dipping in the couscous before marriage in fornication, because a kid popped out way too soon.

Inquiry points to Tashfeen Malik was a hinterlands black widow. Her original mission was to gain access to Saudi Arabia to mask her identity, gain her American access and unleash terror inside America. This woman was a terror implant from the beginning.

Malik obviously had absolutely no ties to motherhood, in her prime directive was to carry out this attack using what could best be described as her smoking pot between her legs as incentive, as her whatever kind of husband Farook was, he was an absolute shining example of Barack Hussein Obama and Jerry Brown's affirmative action.

Farook was from a family advertising for crippled or mentally retarded women as wives, and his education and command of English, "being reared in America" was F level grade. Yet in Jerry Brown's California, this man had a state job, inspecting food, earning an incredible wage.
Syed Farook was low IQ and did not belong anywhere near the job he was hired for. That is the reality, but California is now such a cop state that if any American reports a mob of Muslims, it is the American who would get into trouble........just like it would be an American who would get into trouble for asking why in this world, someone who could not even write an intelligent sentence was hired by the regime in a position of power.

All of this centers around the "holiday party" at the regime center, because that is what set all of this off. Farook was at the center. There was the black SUV. It is apparent that he had loaded this vehicle with pipe bombs, ammunition and firearms, before he entered the party and then left. To reappear with the Flute Player and the brother, to begin the Terrortard Attack.
I am going to point something out in this again. The Obama regime armed and trained these terrorists in their central orbit. This means they have taught them to attack liberal gatherings. This means they have trained them to use methods which will not inflict maximum casualties, because these terrortards are not bright enough to know ammunition, firearms or have the ability to build pipe bombs that detonate...........

I am going to give a Lame Cherry exclusive again in matter anti matter. If you recall Oklahoma City, Terry Nichols reported that the bomb which he and McVeigh built, was not the bomb which  took down the Murrah Building. The minder running that operation was Larry Potts, whose operatives were supplying detonators and explosives.
Inquiry points to in this "group of Muslims" which neighbors were afraid to report in the neighborhood in being accused of racial profiling, states there was a regime minder in this group directing it, exactly like Hutatree.
As OKC and Hutatree were BATFE guided, inquiry is pointing to something about the Department of Education, having a shadow operation, which is hidden from Congress, but is answering to Homeland Security. It was this minder who built the pipe bombs, deliberately like Bill Ayers bombs were built to not detonate.....unless to kill his own terrorists which he was minding.

I will repeat, that there is a minder at large in this group, who is employed by the regime, who built the pipe bombs, so they would be defective.

What inquiry points to is the conduit at Homeland who was monitoring this, allowed this attack to proceed, because they are at odds with the Obama regime in allowing in all of these Muslim terrorists. I thought it perhaps was a competing faction, but that is not the case. Someone powerful enough just tied terrorism to the Obama regime to make this an issue.
Inquiry points to over 20 such events in the pipeline to be initiated.

Now you know a great deal more than you were ever supposed to with this. I do not want people plagiarizing this as a false flag operation. It was not. It was an operation in the works, and it was simply not stopped. The Flute Player is key in this in the Pakistan connection. There is something about the Obama drone strikes in this which harmed her family, in that dope trade which the regime was setting up in good and bad terrorists.

I leave this at that, as "tis the season" has made the majority of you Scrooges in thinking a few poor people donating is the measure of giving as you steal from this blog information you will never get from anywhere else.