Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Real Syed Farook

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The seriousness of the reality if the Flute Charmer and Syed Farook is a reality which will never be revealed. These three terrorists are part of a network which is funded by Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Iran. It is a group which is not ISIS. What this is, is Wahabbist.

What the Lame Cherry is about to reveal in exclusive in matter anti matter, is something which is going to be difficult for you to comprehend, but it will seem Capt. Kirk easy after it is pointed out.

The network which Syed Farook was a part of, was Sheik bin Laden's group. This group was almost obliterated under George W. Bush in Afghanistan, and as the Obama regime handed over the facism of bin Laden to the communists of Dr. Zawahiri, the bin Laden operatives were moved over for al Qaeda, as much as Obama's counter terror group of ISIS.

This is the old network. The real Isalmic fanatics in mystics. These three were coordinating and being given direction by the bin Laden group. That is why Farook's group were wiping their digital footprints away, as there is a real bin Laden network operating, which is accomplished and streamlined.
There is not a bin Laden group operational in America. Farook's group were it. The people they were meeting with were minders and al Qaeda operatives in America.
al Qaeda by the regime minder, with ISIS aware of Farook's activities, betrayed these 3 people. There was supposed to be an extraction.

Their daughter was provided for with the grandmother. Their "extraction" was to be taken to Mexico, for a flight to east Africa. That is what fits in logically people destroying evidence of their contacts, and leaving the terror scene, was preparation for fleeing America.
Farook's group was supposed to be on the way to Mexico, but their ride never appeared. That is what they were waiting for.
The tip which police received was Homeland Security generated in the person overseeing this Department of Education operation.

The Muslim husband and wife behind the mass shooting in San Bernardino began erasing their digital footprint a day in advance of the deadly attack, deleting email accounts, disposing of hard drives and smashing their cellphones, according to law enforcement investigators who are treating the probe as a counterterrorism case.

The bin Laden group is independent. They are not ISIS or al Qaeda related. This is the old guard and the connection to it all was ISA PAK Intel in Pakistan who the Flute Charmer was the link. This attack comes from the Obama drone strikes over there, and is generated in the old network.
This operation was decided upon independently, but agreed to by the bin Laden group, and was in retaliation in the "family connections" of the Flute Charmer. The Obama regime eliminated her family connections and replaced them with his dope trading Islamocommunists.

The events should now start making a bit more sense, as the cop state is doing all they can to cover this up as making this a non terror event. All of this is a mirror of 9 11, in there were sub compartments in the US regime engaged with these terrorists, and these terrorists were responding to the Obama Muslim feud, in which bin Laden and PAK Intel were retaliating over having their operational network droned out of power and existence.

If you want the genesis of  the San Bernadino event, look for it in Jerome Corsi's expose' in making Obama a Birther, in which Obama betrayed PAK Intel, for the execution of the bin Laden actors, in which a 'change of story" was generated in the purchase of bin Laden's corpse, from the fake Obama birth abstract.

Now do you get why image Obama looked like he just got his nuts cut off in his first response, exactly like Benghazi? This was another counter intelligence operation which pulled the rug out from image Obama again, as these factions which Obama has tried to genocide are still out there, and operational for effective measures.
This would have worked if a regime minder had not been steering this and betrayed the Farook group.

The Lame Cherry in exclusive matter anti matter has revealed more in this, than perhaps it will take for the Mockingbird to tell you in a year from now. This was an operation carried out for a flat world reason, but it has many nuances and facets and those cuts all lead back to the Obama regime's betrayal of Muslims who would not submit to the regime controlling them.,

Those video recordings were supposed to be released when this couple reached safety in Pakistan as an Ode to Sheik bin Laden, in a return of the mystical soul of the Islamic movement of Wahabbism, revealing the left turn of ISIS, and a call to come home.

If I had a huge amount of million dollar money, I would donate a huge donation for this series of articles on Syed Farook and the Flute Charmer, as no one is getting this and I do not know if anyone is ever going to catch up, as those braintards who keep steering this as a false flag "which did not happen" are sucking too much on that 9 11 flights flying off to islands.
One Sandy Hook not making sense, does not mean that every car ride in Dallas has a grassy knoll.

This is what inquiry points to in Syed Farook and the Flute Charmer. Now you can be thankful the Lame Cherry pulled you out of the abyss for a few more moments, before you fall back into it.

Additional Note: You children are being pushed into it, as now the Flute Charmer is being linked to all sorts of bad boys at the Red Mosque. Put it simply in this looks to be using no dead terrorist too good to waste, as fabricating intelligence, gets the Americans some more leverage as much as PAK Intel to get some leverage on their problems.

Sources Daily Mail UK, MI 6 and ABC CIA Propaganda.........yeah they all knew nothing until the Lame Cherry pointed you children in the right direction, and now they want you looking in another direction, and not wasting a Muslim corpse too good to waste.

Can not have Sheik bin Laden humiliating the image Obama, after the Birther did all that chest thumping in getting bin Laden's corpse to stop the investigation into Obama not being an American.