Monday, December 21, 2015

The Trump Deck

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Recently I noticed that a posting has been making the rounds on the internet, ascribed to Bill Bennett, in "They will kill Donald Trump". Dick Allgire shared this with Jeff Rense and it posted there.
It sounded a great deal like what this blog features, but the original was attributed in an email by Wayne Allen Root.

I am not here to gotcha on this, as Jeff Rense has developed one of the best Drudge Report media sites on the internet, and his trusted contributors at times find things which slip through.

What this exclusive is about is something which has not been addressed as once I published the danger Donald Trump was in from assassination, and the work here to stop it, everyone could see the light and became the source for that story.
This therefore will be another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I start this with a question of, "Do you think Donald Trump got where he grew his fortune to be, by getting up every day and winging it?"
I mean did he author, The Art of the Deal, or did he write, Flying by the seat of your Slacks?

Donald Trump, in some ways, is like this blog, in he understands communication, and is communicating with people in real terms, and not in rehearsed nor Queen's English. This drives many college conditioned communicators to be furious at the Trump delivery, but that delivery is being heard by the mass population who communicates in these terms.

I am going to reveal something here which is going to explain a few  things, a few comments by Donald Trump in saying, "That was not the deal", when castigating the GOP elite in betraying him.

I am not going to reveal what Donald Trump is up to, any more than what I have, because none of what he is carrying out is by accident. The Trump buzz is a 52 card deck with jokers and Donald Trump is dealing them exactly in the hands, in exactly the way he desires.

This is the revelation part. Do you remember when I mentioned that Donald Trump had some Jewish family cover in this election? It might seem odd in the way the Secularist Jew leftist is attacking Mr. Trump currently and coming out in favor of terrorists being imported to America to kill Jews....but do not get caught up in the boil and bubble of this.

For those who were not here in 2008, I informed the world that the Obama regime had hired Jewish contractors to surveillance all emails, and there was an operation to disrupt communications of people like myself. This group later  built Stuxnet for the regime to go after Iranian nuclear production.........they are a very talented group.
You have heard of Wikileaks right? You have heard of Edward Snowden right?

What if I were to suggest that a number of foreign intelligence agencies, perhaps Jewish, might be contractors, who like many agencies have direct backdoor links into the American NSA.

What if I were to suggest that all of that data which they spy on you, is all of that data, they have on people on Congress, the Judiciary, the White House, the elite of the know the things Baby hears and trends........things like that, which might be recorded on digital like a movie, as everyone has television, computers, smart phones, know conversations of George Soros talking about murdering people.........

What if I were to suggest  that it has been understood that if anything happens to Donald Trump, that there is not going to be Wikileaks to read, but Tubeleaks to watch...........hundreds of these elite confessing to  things and maybe doing things which is real evidence which would get them not only prosecuted, their fortunes seized, but themselves lethally injected.

What if I were to suggest that these files off of NSA servers will be released to the public in a format which will wreak a revenge which Bobby Kennedy would have, if he would have had the internet.

This is what has been hinted at........and someone might have hinted to Jeb Bush that this primary will be stolen for him, to keep him twisting in the wind, the way this group did to Sarah Palin, before they cut her loose.

There is not just one stage performance taking place here......there are a number of screens showing multiple productions. Some people .......well they have organized professional sports, but it is getting up every day and watching Jeb Bush twist in the wind as Sarah Palin was made to twist.

Now you know something which you should not know and why the GOP attacks festered into a John McCain and Lindsey Graham anal discharge of Donald Trump quitting by Christmas for Ted Cruz. When you will notice all the other asslings have run back to the closet.

Now I will leave this Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter to permeate the internet again, so all can be experts.