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9 x 19 LaVoy Finicum Murder Round

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As no one has explained exactly what murdered LaVoy Finicum, and as I repeat the puzzlement of Jeff Rense and Jim Marrs, in how over 100 rounds could blast a Ford pickup and no one inside end up being harmed, I am going to explain what murdered LaVoy Finicum and how damned savage it was.

I ask you to return with me to the Wayback Machine, to a sunny day in Florida, when two FBI agents were trailing some dope dealers, who stopped and opened up on them, and the FBI agents were armed with the standard issue 38 Special, loaded with the infamous, one  shot, one stop, human killer 38 Plus P load with a 158 Grain Wadcutter.

This needs explaining as too many DailyKos trolls know absolutely nothing about anything, so the  translation is 38 Plus P means a magnum load for Police.
This load began in a short version, and ended up in the Colt Python, being carried by most State Troopers across America in the late 1970's, in a vent ribbed barrel model in stainless steel.

The short version on the FBI dudleys is they were dispatched or something, as I do not recall, any more than what was really important in there was a mad insane rush for more power, power, power and out popped the 10 mm magnum.
This was allot of pistol, too much for modern FBI pansies in the recoil, and it was soon retired to the mini 10, or you may have noticed it was called the 40 Smith and Wesson, so agents could handle that recoil........and it has sense been mocked by shooters like Tom Gresham as the 40 Short and Weak.

There is a great deal of lift or fast recoil to the 40 Smith and Wesson, in the light carry guns, but it is superior to the 10 mm, but nothing still produces the one shot, one stop kills like J. Edgar Hoover's original 30 Special.

The military had like pansies in it, and they all went European flower, and rid themselves of the venerable Colt 45 and went for the European 9 mm.

Soon enough police were finding out as was the military, that shooting people with 9's might not have a great deal of recoil, but damned if those people did not stay dead and ended up killing the cop or the Soldier.

I recall in file footage of this 9 mm in action, as it was during a Muslim terror hijacking that the Islamists go the idea to shoot this cute little American girl in the head with a 9 at point blank range...and then threw her off the plane onto the tarmac.
She not only survived, but appeared on liberal Donahue's program to wow people with her story.

So that brought the rush to the 9's to an end, and brought the rush to the 40 Short and Weak, which has now ended too, as pansy Obama agents can not shoot the 40's, and that brings us to LaVoy Finicum.

This is odd, not in LaVoy, but in Obama was purchasing 1.5 billion rounds of ammo for his police state to soak up private ammunition manufacture........the problem is for those who do a check in this, is that EVERY agency and police force in America has switched over to the low recoil, low power 9 x 19 Parabellum.

Para is Latin for If you want peace, Prepare for war, and is what this German round was named, and being over 100 years old, you will know it better in watching old movies when the Krauts were waving around those sexy pistols which look like Ruger Mark I II III's, as they are pretty..........but most people threw the damn things away, as that round gets people killed who are firing it, when the other person is firing back.

Basically everyone from the US military, FBI, BATF, BLM, US Fish and Wildlife, Oregon State know all the assassins of LaVoy Finicum were firing at him with this worthless load.

It generates around 500 to 600 foot pounds of energy. To compare the 45 Colt pops out around 1100 foot pounds of energy.
So you can put this into perspective, the minimum to hunt deer would be 1000 foot pounds. It would be illegal to hunt a deer with a 9 mm in America as it would be considered cruel to not have a round which would kill the animal quickly.

That last line should now tie in a bit, in why that Ford pickup was carrying around over 100 rounds of lead weight in it from these 9's and no one got killed. It should probably explain just a little bit of why LaVoy Finicum was still surrendering on the ground with his hands in the air after being shot at least two times. One can list penetration of 13 to 16 inches in gelatin tests for the 9 mm, but these are FULL METAL JACKET, HOLLOW POINT bullets, which can expand to the size of your finger, but there is not any energy transfer, as the bullet is moving so slowly and it does not produce hydro shock or like a tidal wave from an earthquake to blow out arteries, organs or the central nervous system.

So you understand this, the 9 mm is a "civilized" round for armies who like to fight for Obama and Merkel conglomerates for cash, shoot the Soldiers not to kill them, but to wound them so they will live another day.
You missed that point, so I will explain it further.........
The 9 x 19 Parabellums pouring into LaVoy Fincum's body were not designed to kill him or murder him. Nor are they designed to blast through vehicles. They are crippling rounds, designed to make an old man lie down in the snow and raise his hands again for surrender.

Understand this point. The 9 mm was designed so then 3 other Soldiers would have to take this wounded Soldier off the battlefield, and more resources would be used to care for the living person.
When it comes to those being shot at by police, the 9 mm is designed to have old men lay down on the snow and surrender, just like LaVoy Finicum did, and then law enforcement is supposed to walk up, and put handcuffs on the old man.........and not put a bullet between LaVoy Finicum's eyes and murder him.

If you require me to repeat that explanation, you probably are a DailyKos troll and cheered this brutal, sadistic murder of LaVoy Finicum.

I will further explain this so you get this, as none of you carve on cadavers for a living or shoot hogs for your white meat. Mr. Finicum was a skinny little guy. Probably did not weigh like most old cowboys over 160 pounds wet, with his 10 pound boots on. He had no fat to block bullets to slow them down. He was the ultimate lethal candidate for best effect of the 9 mm, and as you have witnessed, he just kept absorbing hits in the worst kind of  torture, until a sniper put a round between his eyes.

We have to await the autopsy in this, but as Mr. Finicum's head did not explode or blow out the back, it is evidenced that he was not shot with a 7.62 sniper caliber in the 308 group, as you might have seen John Kennedy things. This means he was fired upon in the kill shot with some tactical rifle in pointing to those lovelies at the BATFE again:

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF)
Special Response Teams (SRT)
These units use, apart from the guns available to normal agents, the 9×19mm H&K MP5A4 and MP5A5 burst-fire carbine (with 2-round burst limiter), 5.56×45mm H&K HK53A5 assault carbine (with 2-round burst limiter), 5.56×45mm Colt CAR-15A2 Model 6720 semi-automatic carbine and Remington Model 700 bolt-action sniper rifle.

If it was a sniper rifle round, which it points to, it was a BATFE Remington Model 700 loaded with a full metal jacket 223 caliber bullet.
Like the DC sniper was supposed to be blasting people with. Again, the 223 is also, except for brain shots, meant to incapacitate for apprehension. Again, that is if someone intends to arrest LaVoy Finicum, and not torture him to death in blowing finger size holes in him, until someone at tactical has to call in a head shot, as swiss cheese Finicums, are not that big of deal to the police state, but are that big of deal to the supervisors who get their folders reviewed for being incompetent by their superiors, and that means no advancement in grade or pay.

Now you can be such very bright children, and once again, I am left wondering why it is with all the gun experts in America, that it is always left to me to decipher and explain the logistics of firearms and loads, so you completely understand exactly what took place in this brutal assassination of LaVoy Finicum. Those loads were never designed to be humane as rounds to kill people. Those rounds were designed to incapacitate Soldiers, so they would live.
It is when the 9 mm is employed in multiple shots that it becomes a weapon of brutal tortuous death, because LaVoy Finicum should have been arrested with his hands up, before he was fired upon, and certainly arrested as he had his hands raised again laying in the snow.

So you understand this, anything more than arresting LaVoy Finicum, was not just murder, not just premeditated, but is in the realm of terrorism and high crimes against humanity, the charges leveled against Nazis, and the reason the Geneva Convention banned these  types of criminal acts.

You wealthy millionaires, I am still waiting for you to hit that DONATE TAB and produce that 350,000 dollar donation as I my life is in danger by the things I am revealing here time after time, and as needs to be pointed out, no one else has explained any of this to you, to get your heads out of your asses.

More to come on this on the morrow.

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