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Bill Cosby's Dead Women

16 janvier - Le blog de Venise

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In the storyline of Bill Cosby the Serial Rapist, there are never considerations for the other people known dead and unknown dead associated with Bill Cosby.

Most people will never consider the death of his son, Ennis Cosby, as they focus on the story of a flat tire, he pulls his car over to fix that tire, but for some reason calls a woman to come who is a friend, and she parks behind him.
When a drug affected man named Mikhail Markhasev, appears from a parking lot where his friends are parked, he threatens the woman for money, and she drives off, and Ennis Cosby is shot dead by Markhasev, because Cosby was scared "and taking too long to hand over the money".

Markhasev told his friends, that he went looking to rob a dope deal. That is all passed over in the good press of Pudding Pop Bill Cosby, but now parts of the Ennis Cosby story sound like they need investigation, as Bill Cosby was a known Quaaludes buyer in mass quantities in which he drugged and raped women.

The photo of the crime scene clearly shows that Ennis Cosby parked on a busy street in the dark. Markhasev stated he walked 400 feet from the parking lot to where Cosby was parked.
Seriously why would Cosby not drive a few yards further, park in the light to "change his tire" and not park out in the dark, and summon a woman to come meet him in the early hours of January 16th, 1993?

That part of the story does not make any sense from a "reason Cosby was there". It looks like a cover up, especially when one notes that Cosby had a fancy ride, and Markhsev said he went looking to rob a drug deal, and that is what he walked up on, as that is what the situation looked like.

A very rich Hollywood kid, pulls off the busy interstate, to fix his own tire, instead of calling for help. Bill Cosby never drove, and had a driver, so I doubt any of these Hollywood rich kids ever were fixing their own cars to getting their hands dirty, as they call someone to do the dirty work.

This appears again like the California police covered up something again, when it was a known celebrity.

Was this closer to a situation of like father like son, in what was Ennis Cosby hiding in not calling for CHIPS or Triple AAA, and parking off in an non lighted area, where a doper thought he was walking up on a drug deal he could rob?

In the second part of this examination of the Bill Cosby Dead, we know from aired reports that one young girl, who was 19 and sodomized and raped by Bill Cosby, was then put into a car, where she started puking in the back seat as the driver drove her away.
She apologized as she was a nice girl, but the driver said, "Don't worry about it, as you are not the first."

That is a pattern, and other women related they became nauseated from the date rape Quaaludes which Bill Cosby was spiking their drinks with or giving them to take in the big blue pills.
This is vital in the Bill Cosby Dead, as one young girl noted she took a sip of wine and passed out. In order for that to take place, she must have been tasting such an enriched infusion of Quaaludes that it must have been more like molasses than wine.
One of the main symptoms of Quaalude overdose is vomiting, and time and again these girls were throwing up constantly. The reason this is important is, is we know over 50 women have reported being raped or assaulted by Bill Cosby. As Bill Cosby was not sitting around being saintly the other months on end, but he sought out and hunted women, it is a given that there had to have been hundreds who were willing to sell themselves for a chance at stardom, and of course there are more women who were raped who will never come forward. Looking at those numbers, we now bring this to the reality of, people die from drug overdoses all the time, both prescription and illegal.

100,000 Americans Die Each Year from Prescription Drugs ...

How many people do you know ... 100,000 Americans die each year from prescription drugs ... How will the health care bill affect prescription drug use ...

Drug Abuse Kills 200,000 People Each Year: UN Report ...

How many died from prescription drugs? ... Those in power want us to think there is this huge drug problem when more people by far die on our roads. Reply.

In seeing those numbers, and the motive of operation of Cosby was using alcohol with narcotics in high doses, which one of these girls did not wake up from an overt reaction?

A young girl reported that Cosby was slapping her and telling her, "Daddy says wake up", repeatedly. This shows that Cosby had prior experience in women being hard to revive.
A noted black model, whom Cosby tried to rape, was given Cappuccino, but she called him a "real motherf*cker", as he did not pass out, and for that Cosby threw her out of the brownstone.

The odds in this are, when Cosby was dosing approximately 300 women over his career as a serial rapist, that one to five of them died, from adverse reactions, or they simply had bad hearts or had doped before coming into direct contact with Cosby.
So we have a reality of a driver who may have seen something, or we have a reality of Cosby in desert Nevada ranches might have buried his dead in girls who just disappeared, or some of these girls were thrown along some roadway like Ennis Cosby was allegedly changing a flat tire, and the CHIPS just reported you had another stoner who OD'd.

One of the bravest black men on the planet is Joseph C. Phillips, who starred on the Cosby Show in playing Denise's husband. He has gone public, that everyone knew something odd was going on, as platoons of good looking women were parading around the set, never auditioning, and the reality of a friend of his told him she had been raped by Bill Cosby, and he believed her.

There is a reality in all of this, that a rapist having his semen in a girls mouth, in her rear, and her not reviving, that he is not going to call 9 11 for the medics, as drugging young girls and raping them, gets you arrested and your career ruined. So the question in the Cosby Dead, which of these women in the statistics never made it out of a Cosby drugging and rape alive, and was thrown on the street or left for the coyotes to devour around Vegas.

Understand, that is the real issue in this, as people have given cover to Bill Cosby's grief over a dead son, which now looks like something more was taking place, and an old man stumbling on cue for public sympathy has everyone looking at the rapes, but no one is looking at the statistics of how many people die from drug overdoses and from adverse reactions every year.

Bill Cosby and his enabler wife Camille, are never going to tell you the Truth, as this duo has been using young women for decades like disposable napkins. It is a given, that someone in the Cosby circle knows something and has filed it away in giving Bill Cosby the benefit of the doubt, but if they start thinking about it in drugged girls to rape gone wrong, they might just remember seeing something that seemed strange, or  some friends of a girl who disappeared, will remember, "Wait a minute, she was talking about Bill Cosby just before she disappeared".

That is the story in this, as the odds are Ennis Cosby is just the tip of the dead in this.

I wonder if Jello, Ford and Coca Cola want their money back, as they funded this serial rapist like NBC, and NBC executives knew certain Bill Cosby was doing this, just like they all know who is running a rape brothel for boys and girls all through Hollywood, the Clintons and the Obamas.