Sunday, January 3, 2016

Mark Zuckerberg guilty of Criminal Violence Espionage


Accused of using to incite against state institutions...

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am beginning to just love Islam.

Yesterday, the Saudi Muslims sliced off around 225 pounds of head......figuring 5 pounds to a skull of state miscreants. I mean just think of all the miscreants in America whose heads are going to be lopped off when all these Islamists get their laws installed, and America become a wonder of the world.

It gets better though, I know you do not think it could be better, but I tell you it is!

Egypt, went out and arrested Facebook administrators for inciting things the state did not like.

WOW, what a great Muslim world we got in just think it will be Mark Zuckerberg, Ashkenaz enemy of all Islam, getting hauled away to Gitmo with all the traitors at Facebook.......and get this, with Saudi law in America, Mark Zuckerberg will be making his 5 pound donation to the Amerislam head pile too, in the Caliphate.

As Americans are incapable of revolution and voilence, the Hammonds of Oregon going to jail for burning weeds, and blacks not being able to burn down Ferguson, the Obama regime started importing Muslim terrorists, and just think of this, in these Muslims started shooting up San Bernadino........that was no right wing building, but a Jerry Brown institution, and who could not love that!
Yes these Muslims, and now Americans answering the Muslim call, can look to the future of lopping off 47 heads at a sitting. How great is that. I know it is only like one person per state, but all the same, I bet all of you could think of one person in your state who is heading some gulag that all of you would just love to see blood spurting from the stump and the head goes rolling down the incline.

I think Saudi Arabia lopped 150 this past year, some record or something, so think of it in 3 obnoxious leftists are going to get the gong, because Muslims don't kill conservatives....they execute liberals.

Can't you just see it on Sarah Palin TV, there is ole Mark Zuckerberg being led out on the sandy beaches of Cuba. Bawling like the twatboy he is, probably being dragged to the chopping block, rolling around and kicking at the Islamic Executioners of the State of DC, and getting things cinched down, and next thing you know, here comes a turban head wrapped in the star spangled banner, and a big ole long sword, and swoosh, just like the Queen in Alice, it is off with their heads.

Just the dream list of it all, in what heads the Muslims will collect. I bet Vegas could have a great betting pool. I bet Arab George Noury will broadcast the fun live as he was all for the Egyptian bandits who raped up Lara Logan.

What would be the top 10 really in Islam to knock off liberals in America?

I mean would it be like Michael Moore? or would they prefer not such a fat content on the first batch? Just who would a Muslim pick? Hillary Clinton....oh Rahm Emanuel, now there is candidate for the chopping block. He is a Jew, he is handsome. He is mouthy so he would give fight. He is liberal. He kills them black Mooselums. I bet that Rahm Emanuel might get a top billing.
You know though that there is that image Obama, all 7 of them. Depending on what faction takes over America, they might go for the top notch right away. I bet Keith Ellison would be head turban head for the trial and Louis Farrkhan for a second, and it would all be festive after this.

I think the shiftless Yanks have got to start falling in love with Islam, as what is better than having the state lop off liberal heads, and NSA spymasters at Facebook? Seriously, you could sell beer, those hoochie water pipes for smokes and chips. It would displace that fag NFL.

I really think these Muslims are getting a bad rap though in being called barbarous as they are not throwing these liberal Muslims to the lions, or tying all their limbs to 4 prancing white Arab stallions and pulling them apart.....granted that would be really great Islam reality television, but just lopping heads off and tossing Facebook spies into prison TRYING TO OVERTHROW THE EGYPTIAN GOVERNMENT..................

Say, that would mean Mark Zuckerberg was involved in the illegal overthrow of a foreign nation. That is kind of serious stuff that even in America, you can get the lethal injection over.
I repeat in this, that Facebook was employing Obama regime spies to overthrow by bloody force the regime in Egypt. That is criminal, and it is time that someone on this side of the Atlantic starts to extradite Mark Zuckerberg to Egypt for trail and punishment......or Mark Zuckerberg faces trial in America for espionage and nation murder, as that is just what he was caught doing.

Nuff said.