Thursday, January 14, 2016

New York Values


As a Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter New York values rendition.

Canadian Ted Cruz, has decided that it is a good Cuban immigrant idea to attack American Donald Trump on Mr. Trump's New York values. I am personally disgusted by this smarmy foreign tongue attacking "New York Values" because:

Aftr 9 11, America, the world and terrorists witnessed what New York Values were in every Citizen joined to help each other on the long hot march on the asphalt from the dust covered Ground Zero, which lasted miles.
These were city people. The brashest in the world, and when it was the worst of catastrophes their values shone through in pure Americanism.
Charles Schumer of New York and George Bush of Texas, both Americans, did not knife each other in the back, but joined in New York Values of helping one another.

Donald Trump is such a New York Value man. Donald Trump saves an American farm in Georgia after the husband commits suicide. Donald Trump pays off a mortgage in New England of people who helped him when his car was stranded. Donald Trump uses his personal jet to fly a Jewish child in need of medical treatment.

Those are New York Values. Those are American Values, and those are the Values which Ted Cruz now attacks and smears.

New York, whether the big city or Upstate, are liberals and Conservatives of New York. Their values are gun ownership to the welcoming in of legal immigrants. For this Dual Citizen Ted Cruz to state that New York Values are something to attack Donald Trump on, is a matter where New Yorkers love their state and their America, and do not break her Constitutional Laws on running for the President nor hand out bribes to invaders to the ruin of their state like Ted Cruz has engaged in, in his values, which are not American.

Ted Cruz owes New Yorkers, Americans and Donald Trump an apology for his disgusting attack on New York Values, as those are American Values and if Ted Cruz does not like them, he can get the hell out of these disUnited States with his Birther Obama, who has the same damned values of third world trash!!!


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