Sunday, January 3, 2016

Patriot Ammon Bundy

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It is always interesting to behold the Obama regime's lies in covering up their criminal activity, in telling stories as fictional as Youtube posts set off Benghazi riots, when the reality is the Obama regime was attempting kidnap Ambassador Chris Stevens with their terrorists in order to secure the 2012 elections.

In Oregon the same fiction is being spun from the acting US Attorney Billy J. Williams, who states that the Hammonds now having been railroaded on Double Jeopardy, were never tried as terrorists. The problem being is that the Hammonds were SENTENCED by the kangaroo judge as "terrorists".

Now that Patriots led by Ammon Bundy, in taking over a federal building on the Malheur Wildlife Refuge, the full story is coming to light.

What has been taking place by the Obama regime is forcing American Ranchers off their lands, seizing their property, and annexing it into this massive federal reserve.
The Hammond's are accused of shooting a deer herd and then starting a fire to cover up the act. Before you focus on the deer, know this, that there is no hunting on federal wildlife refuges. Meaning like in Yellowstone, the Feds raise wolves that eat everything on the refuge and then go out eating Citizen's pets, stock and state wildlife.
Those deer were in such numbers, that they were eating these Rancher's grass, meaning eating the feed needed to grow beef, that is sold, so these people can make a living. Killing the deer was an act of survival as much as you killing an infestation of mice and rats in your house, eating your food.

The concern over this is what Art Roderick, the Obama regime political minder at CNN hints at, in the concern Mr. Bundy has called for volunteers, as the militia is somehow "dangerous". The only danger in this is, which of the occupiers of this federal building are regime minders or which regime moles will "join" the Bundy group, and then begin shooting, so this ends in a bloodbath as the regime fully intends, to make a Branch Davidian or Ruby Ridge example of them.

This is about what your out of control regime has been engaged in since Jimmy Carter as in the White House. Carter seized huge swaths of Alaska land for refuges and you just saw the image Obama, changing the name of Mount McKinley, named to honor the assassinated American President, for an aboriginal name which it was never known as.
What has been taking place in Oregon is a Regime Cancer as a land grab of State Lands, and those lands are farm and ranch lands, as much as your lands, but do not forget in any of this, that you are not welcome in these refuges, parks and wilderness acres.

It does not matter that the Hammond's to save themselves and their families, have rolled over in disassociating from this occupation. One can not blame the Hammond's as they would end up dead in their cells too as too many people who end up in custody and the feds then retaliate on the wards in their gulags.

What the Hammond Situation reveals is the war upon Americans, which is waged in every form by this regime, in every agency, and continues to expand as image Obama unleashes more illegal infringements on disarming Americans.

It is a rare event to see American Patriots involved in resistance against the regime. It is not a rare event though, that you will note that Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin or Homo Hannity will not cover this event, but cover it up. You will notice no member of the media is going to appear there to make a stand for America, as they are all shills intent on protecting their millions to brainwash all of you.

Ammon Bundy is taking a stand. He and his group are being smeared as are the Hammonds in clever propaganda. If you do not care about this event nor understand it, it simply means the reality that the American in you was exterminated long ago.

This entire story is but the evidence of how utterly dead America is and how vanished Americans have become as a specie.

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