Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Obama Hostage Crisis

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See when you give an Islamocommunist an atomic bomb in Persia, and their communist Kim Jong Un, gives them a hydrogen bomb, there is not much need any more for an image Obama preening or a John Kerry prancing about Tehran, so you can just bitch slap the Americans by taking some more hostages just like the Mullahs did in Jimmy Carter's disaster in the White House.

You remember how Iran humiliated the Brits. Well now we get to see just how far they want in Syed and Tashfeen they want to humiliate the image of Obama, in returning the legacy of Jimmy Carter upon historical 44.

This was absolutely criminal what the Pentagon did, as much as under Les Aspen in Somalia with Blackhawk Down, as much as Benghazi. You do not send in your people unless they have cover and extraction.
Someone wanted these US seamen captured for a reason, and I doubt it was the Obama regime, looking to get upstaged on State of the Union night with empty seats by Muchelle Obama.

Therefore the amusement in this politically is, will the Obama regime pay the bribes which George W. Bush did to China when his people got grabbed, or are we going to have a very long drawn out hostage crisis, which the press will not care about, like the thousands of US dead Soldiers under this Obama regime.

I mean the Iranians are live firing missiles at a US carrier just the other day, and the Pentagon thinks it is a super idea to send in two boats to get Americans captured. Yes that is brilliant. Hydrogen Bomb Iran, backed by Vladimir Putin..........that certainly is a cherished moment of a diplomatic disaster......and no Webster Tarpley you can not blame the Pentagon in going against poor little image Obama on this one, as the White House is responsible in making certain that seamen do not end up in Iranian waters to be captured.

So I really do not care. Makes things a bit more interesting in the inquiry which was posted here about Iran in internal strife and the Americans being run out of the Mideast and Putin getting the 10 dollar a barrel oil prize.

John Kerry has nothing left to bribe Iran with. The Persians are great camel traders, and so enjoy getting intel which allows them to piss in a golden shower upon image Obama at the best moment to rub things in.

So let us just enjoy the show.

Maybe the turban heads of Iran will keep this live until next January and present the released hostages to President Donald Trump, and if Jimmy Carter is alive, he can haul image Obama along to bring them home. Now would that not be the ultimate FU to Obama's legacy in tying him to Jimmy Carter?

We shall see what the central casting has written up for this drama.

Then again you can never trust the Iranians to hold out for the full bend over.

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