Friday, February 12, 2016

Another American Judge in Oregon

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am stunned by the number of judges in Oregon hearing these Bundy Group arraignments, as it seems there are more judges than Patriots.

I am though going to praise Judge John Acosta, as he correctly released United States Veteran, Geoffrey Stanek, pending trial.

Two others also made their first appearances Friday on the conspiracy charge – Darryl William Thorn, 31, of Marysville, Washington, and Geoffrey Stanek, 26, of Lafayette, Oregon. They each pleaded not guilty.
U.S. District Judge John V. Acosta released Stanek pending trial, with the condition that he not own, possess or carry any firearms, despite objections from  prosecutors. He also isn't allowed to accept a job that he planned to start next week as a security officer.
"Any job that involves the use or possession of a weapon you may not hold,'' Acosta said.

While I do not agree with the Judge denying Mr. Stanek the right to start a job, as an armed guard (Once again a company assessed and hired Geoffry Stanek as trustworthy to hire him as an armed member of their staff), but at least this American is at liberty and not costing taxpayers money to imprison them.

For that I am thankful for one of the few judges who has shown any common sense.

I also praise Assemblywoman Fiore of Nevada, who with Rev. Franklin Graham saved these people's lives, and she has kept her word in not abandoning these Patriots, in making an appearance in court with them.

Most of our judges do not act like God's representative from the bench, but Judge Acosta has taken a chance in doing this, in going against all the hysteria, as you must be aware, these people who have been released are under constant surveillance, as the FBI or Oregon State Police logically want to cause an event to embarrass this Judge.  You can recall what law enforcement did to George Zimmerman when he was released in the Treyvon Martin case.

Twice now the Patriots have been treated fairly. Once in the allowance of one of the Bundy Group to attend LaVoy Finicum's funeral, and now with Mr. Stanek. Not a great average, but I want people to understand that in all of this regime mess, there are still a few people who actually believe in the rule of law.

When people in power, treat these Patriots fairly, they will be praised, but it is a reality that as Assemblywoman Fiore noted,  these charges are ridiculous, and as I have stated, these people should be fined for trespass and sent home. The worst thing that could have been done is making them state criminals and felons which must be taken seriously. If the regime was interested in ending this, the regime would not have murdered Mr. Finicum nor did anything but not take them serious with misdemeanor fines.

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