Sunday, February 28, 2016


... the HTC Aria Android phone for AT&T. The smallest Android phone yet

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Sandy sent this note and was wondering how Facebook could be placing ads on her page from her real life events and I will attempt to answer as we just had a like incident.

Hi lc and tl, hope y'all are well. I want to tell you what happened to me tonight. I went to hobby lobby to get some stuff to make a bracelet for a friend. I looked at the materials in hobby lobby and while i was there i pulled up a Facebook picture of me wearing a necklace that i wanted to make (it was my favorite necklace, and my daughter kept borrowing it so i gave it to her) . Anyway,  i got the bracelet stuff, paid and came home. When i got home, i looked on fb and was surprised to see an ad for a handmade bracelet. I kept scrolling and then up comes an ad for hobby lobby!  Lc, i did not have my location enabled on my Samsung Galaxy 6 phone. I know that you're busy and i completely understand if you can't answer this question,  but is there the capability for my "smart phone " and Facebook to track me WITHOUT GPS setting enabled?  I didn't google, i did check my email for a hobby lobby coupon. Maybe email and facebook synced?

A few weeks ago TL and I were watching a movie with "sword fighting" in it with Stewart Granger and Mel Ferrer. We were discussing it with Mom, as TL was quite good at fencing, and placed in the national tournament some years ago.

TL was sitting in the recliner on TL's laptop and said to me, "I am getting fencing ads on Facebook", and smiled, because when we were in the metro, every so often ads would appear on Facebook in connection to things we were talking about, and had not searched for or written about.

I can only address our smart phone, as I hate smart phones and limit my interaction with them. But the Androids all have Google and Facebook, and if you log into those accounts, the photo id software and voice software will data mine those things, and you will start getting ads for those items.
This is not Artificial Intelligence, but it is marketing software and how these companies make billions of dollars in revenues.
It is puzzling to me as I am not on Facebook, but until the bed fuzz trolls got me banned, I rarely had ads for things I talk about. So part of it is a mystery, as the Android once got logged into Facebook as LC long ago, but that does not compute how TL's laptop is showing ads, unless of course it is the obvious in Facebook does indeed use your mic and camera in their heavy feed spyware to listen to what you are talking about.

We have indications of something is not right in coincidences and we pass it off, but when a small trojan can open mic and camera programs, then what will a massive program like Facebook have the ability to do?

This is beyond sites like Amazon in seeing you search for tin cups, and suddenly on various pages these cup ads start popping up. This is voice recognition software , and it is linking directly to locations where Facebook is logging your ISP originating from.

This is criminal by Facebook and is this nefarious little Nazi Mark Zuckerberg's big brother spying on all of us as it is he hands over things to the NSA and the NSA lets him use it for marketing to make billions.

The point is, unless Donald Trump gets me back my Facebook account and Zuckerberg gets thrown into prison, I am never logging into Facebook again. When this computer needs to have the OS reinstalled, it is going to have Facebook off here too.
I use Duck Duck Go for search engine work, and it is acceptable, but it does not mine data like Google, which this blog is a part of and when the company decided to let me know it was interested in some upcoming articles about Nebraska, I did not appreciate being that popular.

In many ways, I believe the old barely functional cell phones with rudimentary internet access like my little one are better. I keep that off most months now, and I like it best that way.

To Sandy, yes Paypal worked and thank you for the pictures of your cherubs.