Monday, February 15, 2016

God Rest Denise Matthews

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Minnesota Sound Machine exploded onto the world with the rock star Prince, and in his wake, he created the girl band Vanity 6.

Vanity as she was known then was the kind of scorching hot sexual talent that Cher wanted to be and Madonna never could be. She was a Canadian girl on a ride of the wildest of Hollywood side.
Sheila E, Apollonia Kotero and Vanity, they was the definition of dripping sex.

There were lots or rumors about Vanity, as this was the AIDS epidemic fear and coke was being dropped by the jet loads into America, but in 1994 after she almost went DOA from coke, she threw away all the fame, all her success, and went back to being Denise Matthews.

There was porn  as DD Winters and the sex marathons as Vanity with her Pretty Mess hit, but Denise Matthews went back to herself and to Jesus for her salvation, and that is where she lived in the Gospel in a world of disease which was killing her and impoverishing her. She literally had resorted to begging for donations before she died.

I do not much care for rich stars now eulogizing Denise Matthews, because she needed more than Obamacare promises or friends with sealed wallets. I do care to note that Denise Matthews was a Canadian girl, who exploded into the world of debauchery as it's vixen, and threw it all away as it was killing her, then walked the walk  for years as Christian.

That I admire her for and it is my hope she is at rest in God as she was sick and poor for so very long, that she is that  beautiful girl again now in a white robe.