Sunday, February 7, 2016

I once knew a little boy........

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I once knew a little boy, who was an old man, who had wasted his entire life in lack of Faith, preaching to anyone who would listen before running away, that it required witnesses and proof, in Who Christ is, because that is what Biblical Law taught.

I was discounted in the matter of Faith, Faith being the Law of God on which all Salvation is built, for without Faith nothing is accomplished, and with Faith God's Plan of creating you to be a new Spiritual child of His is completed.

St. Thomas Aquinas is in fact, of the 13th century, thee most genius of minds in the categories of the scientific age. His summation of his Summa is the most simple of answers, as brilliant as that of Joan of Arc to the governors of the Church of France, in 'If I am not in a state of Grace, then I pray God places me in a state of Grace', for Thomas Aquinas stated this:

"God has provided the proofs, scientific and in experience, and it is not the proof which is at fault for the unbeliever, but it is the responsibility of the unbeliever in having too feeble of mind to not understand the proofs already presented."

I think of the largest waste of brain matter in this 21st century in the acclaimed Stephen Hawking denying God. I consider the retarded nature of minds which deny God, out of their own fears. They can not trust God to love the creatures they are, so they assemble theories to hide behind, to protect them from a God of love as they judge themselves unfit.

The little boy, was from a broken home, and then decided to break his home, and his life. His example were his rich parents, in trusting in stocks and that is the value of life in being measured.
He wed a foreign woman as his father did, not for a wife, but the brown skinned race was a validation in having a servant in the home. The children became hammer and chisel in their being abused by parental dogmas which were to transform the unbreakable stone with the irresistible sculpture of creating a life which could not be felt.
It was a matter of the failures of parents, being placed upon the necessity of the children must accomplish all which the parents gave up in passions, and expecting the children to succeed building a life on a foundation of shifting sands.

The introduction of the Summa by Thomas Aquinas, carries now more information in a few pages, than the entire doctorate of every university upon this planet.

The denial of Christ is the denial of the Good people can be, for people reject that Goodness in the certainness they are evil. God can not exist in Faith, because they can not believe that God has Faith in them to love them, in seeing them as more than the failures they are.

The self confessed brilliant mind of Stephen Hawkings, professed by a group of physicist retards, are a group of handicapped minds, who upon finding their last theory was flawed, create several more to comfort their lack of intelligence, until a new group of tormented minds appears to worship at mathematics to be ensnared by it to futility.

They simply can not exist as an act of love, as they hate who they are.

Life is as difficult as people choose to make it. Salvation is as impossible as people choose to make it. God makes life easy in teaching people to be content with what they have and to let tomorrow's worries be in tomorrow as you have enough to take to God today.
God made Salvation simple. Just listen to God's Word, believe what God says, and you are saved.

People have the choice to waste their own lives. They can destroy the lives of their spouses and children. They can shatter friendships. They can create God in their own failed image. They can chase one obsession after another. They can suck the life blood out of others in their stinginess, instead of being humble in looking to serve others in the most basic of ways.

Life is hard most of the time. Life  is filled with all the curses humans brought about by sin. Life though has good in it, which is amplified by the Good of God. The Goodness, the Love, the Faith, that is all the treasure which we take with us, because in Heaven, all there is, is Goodness.

All have failures and flaws. That is what Jesus joined to humanity for, in being Perfect so that we could put forth our efforts to growing to a perfection, but Jesus earned it for us and that is how God views each of us, when we are Christ's.

We all have feeble minds and fat for brains. It is the trust that God is more than us, not to condemn us, or as we condemn ourselves, but God loves us, when we can not love ourselves or accept what we are.

It is what Christ teaches in denying ourselves. It is not to rid us of ourselves, but to accept that He fulfills all and brings us to all the things we want to be.
I can do all things, not because Christ strengthens me alone, but alone Christ has accomplished all of this, and I simply receive those victories.

I once knew a little boy, who never grew up like most people. He never gained the whole world, but clung to a part of, and lost the Spiritual Life daily.

I once knew a little boy............