Tuesday, February 16, 2016

It is American not Foreign Policy

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Here is a dose of reality in American foreign policy failure.

Bill Clinton bombed camels

George W.  Bush bombed camel owners.

Barack Hussein Obama armed the camel owners.

President Donald Trump has a sound policy, in which he will allow President Putin to bomb the Obama terrorists, and then President Trump will access Iraqi oil to pay for George W. Bush's and Barack Hussein Obama's wars.

Now Ted desires to bring more Obama terrorists to America, and to scatter those terrorists into Europe and then America by Cruz Carpet Bombing.

Marco Rubio, he too has a plan to repeat Obama policy in arming terror factions to fight terrorists who seem to then always become more ISIS terrorists.

Then there is Jeb Bush in his novel approach to bombing ISIS for Saudi Arabia and starting a war with Vladimir Putin, which will become a nuclear war scorching the world.

So it is vital that everyone understands the failures of past American policy out of 1600 Penn Avenue, and it is vital to know that in Cruz we will get more failed George W. policy, with Marco it is more John McCain failed policy, with Jeb it is more Obama policy, and with Hillary and Bernie it is more Bill Clinton policy of bombing camels and taking oil bribes.

Donald Trump has the only sound American policy, based in what Theodore Roosevelt would do, and what Republicans would do, and what that is, is not letting terrorists rape and murder you, and making Americans safe and rich again.

That is the reality of the 2016 AD in the year of our Lord election. You children and brats have got to get this figured out that a vote for Cruz and Rubio is a vote for Jeb Bush, as they are all plotting to get a brokered convention. YOU ARE NOT GOING TO WIN, because it is not going to be two Latins on one ticket. Jeb will be Vice President, and then how long do you think it is going to be before your Ted or Marco gets lead poisoning at high velocity to their brains?

- Lame Cherry

and you can quote me on that as your lights are going off and you know I am right on this. 

Vote for Donald Trump. He already has Tea Party Sarah Palin in his Cabinet, so rejoice in that you Cruz supporters. It may be that Marco Rubio might make it to the Vice Presidency, or he will find a spot in another cabinet post as he has not been offending Donald Trump or every Trump supporter.

Voting for Donald Trump gets you everything you want and more, while voting for your candidate is only going to get you Jeb Bush, and the Bush sub operational groups putting bullets in your candidate's brains.

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