Friday, February 19, 2016

Kayne West artistically raped by Mark Zuckerberg

The evidence deleted by Mark Zuckerberg as proof of his Crimes
against the humanity of Kayne West


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The racism of Mark Zuckerberg, in another white man who hates blacks, like George W. Bush, as prophet or profit Kayne West once lamented, is of even greater proportions, even out surpassing blowing up New Orleans dikes or dykes.

All Kayne West asked in real Biblical tradition was to have 1 billion dollars which Designer Negro, Barack Obama gave Mark Zuckerberg to spy on all of us. In response like a Massa on the veranda, Zuckerberg refused to even acknowledge that greatest of all artists in Kayne West, in being like Erick Erickson at Red State in denying Ben Carson the stage at a gathering of like minded Levins.

What was worse is Zuckerberg had a hound named Steven Grimm, who howls on cue for Zuckerberg, laps at his balls, probably when he spreads orange marmalade on them, to growl and piss on the leg of Kayne West, to humiliate this great artist and a fashion designer of record, not since the Jews of New York made wearing rags a fashion statement.

I have from time to time offered Kayne West advice, like telling him to drop that Kim Kardashian as she would drive him nuts......and of course she has, and now Matron Kardashian is attacking this blackest of black artists for the impoverishing of the Kardashian interests, after they have sexed so many black males for it all....and turned on Olympic Athlete into a raving pansy.

I now offer Kayne West advice, both political and non political. Kayne West as a black man, must call upon the black Obama house and call upon the black Loretta Lynch of the Justice Department and demand that a federal prosecution be unleashed upon this racist Mark Zuckerberg, engaged in depriving black Kayne West of his pursuits of happiness, because Zuckerberg has a history of predatory preying upon black and brown peoples for profit in "free internet" which others are to provide while Zuckerberg only offers money, jobs and encouragement to wealthy little Muslims.

It is cruel and inhuman punishment to deny Kayne West the full respect he has earned, and sending some pooch to urinate on Mr.  West, and then "like" it before all of Kayne West's fans, which of course is another criminal matter in depriving Mr. West of his ability to earn a living, and no doubt costing Mr. West billions in retarding Mr. West's new clothing line sales.

Yes Kayne West must petition loudly a democratic sharing of the Zuckerberg wealth with the full weight of the Obama regime behind him.

Go east young Kayne go east, and unleash the dogs of war and Lynch that racist Mark Zuckerberg.

Let it be known in lovely rap songs, Kayne West artistically raped by Mark Zuckerberg and sodomized on Facebook.