Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Now let him rest in peace


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am going to close the book on Anton Scalia, so the old darling can rest in peace, sail beyond the sunset, rise above the stars and whatever else is flowered espousing to soothe the sobbing breast.

The reason for the close is to prove again that the Lame Cherry was right, as this is the list of ailments Justice Scalia was dying from:

coronary artery disease



sleep apnea

degenerative joint disease

chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

high blood pressure

If you happen to notice the above, they fit the silent heart attack I noted in inquiry.

From that list, I am surprised the old sweet did not go tits up after his first breast feed.

So no one needed to off the old man, who was all that stood between life and death in America, as the only one more deader on their feet is old Ruth Bader Ginsburg who died a century ago.

It would have been criminal not to certify Scalia dead on the phone and impeachable to think it was anything but natural causes. It is a shorter list of things the Justice was not dying from.

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