Thursday, February 11, 2016

Thank You Franklin Graham

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I thank God for Christians Rev. Franklin Graham and Nevada Congresswoman Michele Fiore, for saving the lives of the four American Patriots at Malheur Refuge in Oregon. It simply proves the reality that Christians and Patriots by God's Grace can overcome the luciferian police state trying to murder all of us.

This is victory and the people now being betrayed by the federales again must understand that they have only moved their cause to new arenas. As Ammon Bundy stated, this is now a matter of the courts, but it is more, because these Patriots are now heroes outside and inside the prison system, in which they are going to be imprisoned.
Whether one likes the analogies or not, from Chuck Colson of Watergate. Adolf Hitler of the National Socialists, Nelson Mandela of the Marxists, prison is the arena where the message of liberty resonates most clarion.

Numbers of these people are Mormon. That outreach will allow for a connection between black gangs and white gangs, because both causes are persecuted by the regime. Common ground is the same political reality. One does not have to be members of White Supremacy, Black Panthers or M 13, but one can champion their cause as dead kids in Chicago who are black are the same dead kids in east LA as the same dead LaVoy Finicum in Oregon, murdered by the regime.
LaVoy Finicum is the bonafides in this. Special Agent Gregory Bretzing anointed this revolution in blood to bringing the worst of the federales down on Americans.

We now have Oath  Keepers and III Percenters on the outside. We now have the vocal leaders on the inside. It is now a movement with Mormon outreach and covered in the Evangelical cloth of Rev. Franklin Graham as the hero in this, as the honest broker.

It is right of Rev. Graham to praise the FBI in this, as not all in the FBI wanted to go in and murder more Americans or agree with what Gregory Bretzing did to sully the FBI's reputation. There will come a day in every revolution when those inside the FBI will gladly in Internal Affairs will have Gregory Bretzing before the courts as Oregon knows very well, that it was caught holding the blame in this, and was left to hang out to dry.

There is always in every movement advantages, as the greatest leftists in history have revealed in Hitler and Mandela. Thee most stupid and misguided policy was Gregory Bretzing throwing these people in prison on terror charges. It elevated them to special status. I told all of you that all of them should have been fined with misdemeanors, fined 100 dollars for trespassing and sent the lot of them home. When BLM and Bretzing dragged the FBI into this in making it murderous serious, that created a movement and martyrs. Thee absolute worst thing the FBI could be doing is holding these people in federal prisons on federal charges, giving them a platform, instead of sending them home as trespassers in mocking them.

See the Lame Cherry knows how to deal with these situations to diffuse them and not create them in a major headache for FBI.

Now these Americans have all they could dream. They are liberated inside the system and the system is now going to work for them, with two major religious groups in Evangelicals and Mormons.

Just so you know, the Bundy Patriots won in Oregon and are still winning.

It was stupid to arrest old man Cliven Bundy. Really stupid.

I leave this at that.