Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Little Starbucks That Could Mahoney

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Three murderers, entered Starbucks, not together, about 5 minutes before closing. Were not sitting together. Were told it was closing time.
2 blonde lesbians, 1 Indian male sodomite, yes all were homosexual.

One of the lesbians, the control did not shoot. All were armed. the second lesbian did the bullet spray on Mary Mahoney. The sodomite male, capped all three to make certain they were dead.

Mahoney was a shoulder to cry on that  gathered at this White House coffee click. What she knew and was going to go public with, was not the interns Bill Clinton had sex with, but with a tryst she had with Hillary Clinton and another leading White House female.

These three were part of a sex ring. The Madam is now dead. Retaliated against. The lesbian and the sodomite are still living.

Inquiry points to this was a homosexual honeypot. Powerful people were using the information from the access these sexual perverts were gaining from the White House for blackmail and leverage. If what Mahoney knew were published, it would destroy this syndicates power, and expose them.
The madam basically understood, that she either clean this up in silencing it, or she would be taken out.

This was intelligence related.

There was confusion as this started. Mahoney had locked the front door, along with a vocal warning that they were closing up. The three homosexuals then drew guns and converged. Shouting commands. Nothing about their intent, or robbery for cover, it was just herding quickly back to the office.

The lesbian shooter was a Hillary Clinton admirer. She opened up. The other two employees began moving for an escape and were shot in the head by the Indian sodomite. He moved to Mahoney who was still alive, and she covered her face with her hand, as the Indian capped her.

The door was locked already. They took coffee before they left. They left together. There was a black limo,  the Indian drove.

"A moment from a Sunday morning  in late 1996 recurred to me. Monica had approached me as I walked from my apartment to the Starbucks next door. I hadn't seen her in nearly a year, but I vaguely remembered her as a pretty, busty, flirty intern I'd pass in the halls or see hanging out at Starbucks on weekends. A few times at work, she had tried to surprise me with a double-tall latte, but my associate Laura Capps would stop her at the door. That morning Monica had a question for me: "Does your president tell the truth?" I thought her phrasing was peculiar, but people stopped me on the street to say things all the time. After mumbling some answer like, "He does his best," I bought my coffee and didn't think about it again."

George Stephanopolous
All Too Human
Page 433

This was a clean up operation, like Ron Brown, Vince Foster, Chandra Levy. There were interests involved as the Clintons had none of the degrees of separation from the enforcers and the primaries, as is usually the case.

Monica Lewinsky was an operative, and she was cover, for this operation to clean up Mahoney. Lewinsky was not connected enough to understand everything taking place, but when the operation she was involved in began being progressed forward, the group who were using the sodomite honeypot for leverage inside the Clinton White House, were going to use the Lewinsky scandal as a diversion to save themselves.

Mary (“Caithy”) Mahoney was a lesbian former intern at the White House who had served as a den mother to all the young interns who were being sexually harassed by Bill. She had left the White House and was working at a Starbucks in DC when the Lewinsky scandal became public. Monica Lewinsky and other interns, George Stephanopolous, and Chelsea Clinton frequented the establishment regularly and Monica often had conversations with Mary while at Starbucks. Monica began confiding in Mary about her affair with Bill.

Three days before the murder Monica had told Bill she was going to tell her parents about their relationship. Bill reacted angrily, telling her, "It's a crime to threaten the President." Monica took the threat seriously telling Linda Tripp that she feared for both their lives if her affair with Clinton ever became public. After Mary's murder Monica knew she could wind up like Caity Mahoney.

Right before Mary's murder there was gossip swirling through Washington based on a columnist's blind item that a former White House intern whose name began with the letter M was about to reveal news of a sexual relationship with Bill Clinton. Was it Mahoney, Clinton damage controllers no doubt wondered?

We are left in this, with another reality of normal folk, like Donald Young of Chicago, becoming the sodomite sexual partner of sodomite Barack Hussein Obama, and needing to be removed in a spray of bullets, in another gay emotional outburst.
The powerful people, use the nefarious people of the undercurrents of perversion to gain leverage on those in power,  and in every case have former trained assassins monitoring those involved in this. This is the real danger to the common people, as they get blinded by the light of "Wow I am working in the White House and am around power". They never see that the power elite are there, and employ both sub operational groups, the US police state and the fringe to protect themselves. It is the fringe which always leaves tracks, and then the police state has to bumble investigations, and arrest some patsy doped with scopolamine to confess to the crimes.
Scopolamine would have saved America a great cottage industry of Kennedy Conspiracy books in the fortune Mockingbird spent on that diversion.

Here is what family members and law enforcement sources report they do know: Whoever shot Mahoney, 25, Aaron Goodrich, 18, and Emory Evans, 25, probably did not do so alone. And in all likelihood, at least one assailant had some connection to Starbucks and knew there would be more than $15,000 in the safe at the end of the July 4th weekend, when the killings occurred.
Police have questioned 40 people but have no prime suspects. The employee who was fired because Mahoney had caught him stealing moved to California after the slayings and hired a lawyer before District of Columbia detectives could ask him to take a lie-detector test. Police do not regard the former employee as a suspect.
Investigators believe the bullets were fired by a panicked and inexperienced burglar, one who never bothered to take any money. Detectives estimate that the slayings took only 20 seconds. Mahoney died with the keys to the safe in one hand; her other hand was draped over her face.

September 30th, 1997

Do I find anything interesting in this?  Not in the least, as dead Khadaffis or dead Breitbarts litter the scene globally. I just can not find anything of value in Darwin candidates who think they can survive the cartel inferno just blazing behind these world political structures. One plays with fire, one gets fired upon and dies of lead poisoning.
Life is much healthier if people just be Sgt. Schultz in "I see nothing, I hear nothing. I know nothing!" Moral people want nothing to do with this smarmy trash as they immediately recognize what the Letterman Cocktail Crowd is and run from it.

Three days later the Indian took a boat they had access to, and dumped the two handguns 45 miles about DC in the Potomac.

That is what Inquiry points to.