Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Political Suicide of Ted Cruz

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Brent Smith is one of the featured posters on John Hawkin's Right Wing News, which in fact is a Ted Cruz group in mass. Mr. Smith recently posted an article on "Trump Lie's Don't Matter", and his example was Mr. Trump told people in Nevada this:

Mark Levin documented Trump’s latest rant at one of his campaign events where he tells the crowd in Las Vegas he really knows very little about the topic of federal land ownership. Trump boldly exclaimed: “Cruz – he’s got an ad – it’s a Cruz scam – [again calling Cruz a liar] – something to do with – I am backing the federal government to keep the land that’s currently owned by the federal government and we should give that land to everybody…”
Trump then says: “Well, it’s not a subject I know anything about… This guy [Cruz] is sick – there’s something wrong with this guy…”

Mr. Smith then posts this about Mr. Trump:

He even wrote an op-ed in the Reno Gazette-Journal, on January 28th, 2016.
“The BLM controls over 85 percent of the land in Nevada,” Trump explains. So far it’s pretty clear it is a “subject” he knows about. He then goes on to rail against the feds for their land grab and writes “Where are the city and county to get the land for schools, roads, parks and other public use areas if they have to beg Washington for the land and then pay a premium price for it?”

So according to Brent Smith, Donald Trump is a "liar", because Mr. Smith does not recognize the way New Yorkers speak, like French people saying "No" as a question meaning YES. When Mr. Trump is saying it's not a subject he knows anything about, it is the same speak of "I  know what I am talking about".

And has been proven, Mr. Trump has exactly the right position in States should not be held hostage by the federals on land, because States need land to produce for their people.

I am not castigating Brent Smith, as he is a reasonable gentleman. He admits that if there was a better Constitutionalist in the race than Ted Cruz (there is), Mr. Smith would be voting for them. In that, I have compassion on Mr. Smith, as he is one of the very people Rush Limbaugh was speaking about today, after the exclusive of this blog, by one of our German friends, who spoke of Ted Cruz's campaign hiring data mining companies to find reactionary people who could be militantized in order to exploit them.

I am not stating that Brent Smith is off the wall, but he is like most people in they have studied the candidates and then transferred their beliefs onto that candidate, and then believe that candidate is them. That is what Ted Cruz has done, and that is what Marco Rubio is doing, deceiving people again that he is not a Social Conservative.
Ted Cruz is a Cuban Republican, which means he is a socialist on welfare issues and he likes bombing people on foreign policy. That costs a great deal of money, as he does lie to Tea Party people about everything Ted Cruz says he believes in.

Donald Trump is the problem for Ted Cruz voters, not because Ted Cruz has dragged them all down to defeat, but because they think that Donald Trump is standing in the way of their victory.

That I would urge Mr. Smith and all Cruz supporters to examine, in why is Mr. Cruz losing support?

Did they support Ted Cruz when he was inviting Donald Trump to events and backing Mr. Trump? Was Ted Cruz wrong or was Ted Cruz just trying to play Mr. Trump, the Trump voters in being dishonest, exactly like he played the Bush family for support and played the Rockefellers for support?

Those are questions Mr. Smith should find answers for, real answers, because they lay at the trust issue. Mr. Smith says he is a Constitutionalist, as I am. I was one of the leaders who first stopped Barack Obama when everyone else was hiding in fear of racism. I was part of the Birthers in proving Obama's documents were forged. I was a founder of the Tea Party. I have been doing this for years, while others have been too timid to play on this field.
So when I see Ted Cruz was birthed in Canada and did not renounce his Canadian Citizenship until 2014, that means he is Canadian at least and a dual Citizen at most........meaning Ted Cruz is Constitutionally disqualified from being President as Barack Hussein Obama is, being Indonesian, British and Kenyan.

That is the point in all of this, in the Ted Cruz supporters only see the Ted Cruz they construct in their minds, because they have transferred themselves onto Cruz and he is exploiting them. They can not face the reality that Ted Cruz is a liar and a scammer. His reverse speech has him telling supporter he is a conman.

People want to believe what they want to believe, and when they read this blog, most will shake their heads even with the proof and go back to believing the lies which the Mockingbird media has been conditioning them to.

I make it no secret that I want Ted Cruz voters coming home to Donald Trump, not because Donald Trump is Jesus, but as I told all of you, Donald Trump is the only horse we have to ride out of this Obama Abyss. Mr. Trump is our last chance, and we do not have time to be worried about what color he is in the light of fire and brimstone.
Ted Cruz supporters are very loyal and patriotic Americans, as every supporter was in this GOP field of America, and that includes Jeb Bush's people. That is why I want them home, so I can protect them from the manipulation out there and with their support, we can produce such a tide, that we can make certain that Mr.  Trump will be unrelenting.

I am not blind, nor am I a fan of Mr. Trump. I think I watched part of his Apprentice show once, and alike all reality television, it was nothing for me. Mr. Trump is a great deal like Ronald Reagan, in you had perceptions of him, but then he sneaks up on you, and you start hearing things that sound like all the hell you want to rain down on Washington.

For Mr. Smith, I really want him to start pushing now, his entire group of writers to supporting Donald Trump, as not all of us are like Mark Levin getting subsidized by Big Koch to manipulate listeners with decades long contracts. I need Brent Smith to talk to his peers, to get them to "make a better deal" for the Tea Party. I want more than Sarah Palin in the Trump Cabinet. I want these Conservatives who are going to come to vote for Donald Trump to do it now, to work their art of the deal. To make Donald Trump appreciate them, so when the time comes that maybe Brent Smith ends up in the White House Press Office or something, because he is not toxic like this blog, and he can carry the Conservative Constitutional banner and scorch earth all of those liberal civil servants who are going to be like cancer to any Conservative Administration.

I am the person who was the one who first said we could defeat Jeb Bush and change the time line, and it has happened. I did this with the tools on hand, and those are my bona fides. I want Brent Smith and every Cruz supporter to start assessing the political situation. The time to make the DEAL is now, not after Cruz is limping away abandoning you to die on the beach. Ted Cruz has proven he is going to not play well with others and that is going to not play well with Brent Smith.
So Brent Smith like all Cruzlings have to decide now, do they want to be part of the governing class for the next 8 years or out in the cold for 8 years again? Do they want when Donald Trump enacts all he says, and replaces Ronald Reagan as the revolutionary leader to have their words reposted about what flatworld, shortsighted people they were at the start of this.

Ted Cruz is fading away, even with Brent Smith and all that billionaire support in every bought Conservative media outlet. The time for falling on swords for Ted Cruz is done. Ted has impaled himself in ruining his VP slot and his political career is finished. The time is for the Cruz supporters to shake themselves free, as Benedict Arnold supporters did, and come join Anthony Wayne for the fight for America.

You do not have to love Donald Trump, but you sure as hell do not have to commit political suicide with Ted Cruz.

- Lame Cherry

What Rafael Ted Cruz did in Iowa, along with Marco Rubio to steal the election from Donald Trump and kill Ben Carson's campaign is not going to be overlooked by Evangelicals who were betrayed by Mr. Cruz in this heinous act. Ted Cruz defeated himself with his deceptions and lies, and the more shrill he becomes, the more he injures his daughters and the more he brings ruin to the Tea Party.


A fifth of Carson backers would go to Trump, as would a quarter of Cruz supporters.