Friday, March 25, 2016

A Mop To Warm Will's Lap

what every black man wants a mop to warm his lap

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I watched Enemy of the State recently again, and that movie prophesied everything the Obama regime has been engaged in, in surveillance and murdering people.........problem is like most of Hollywood, they were blaming the right wing for doing it.

It is a good movie due to Gene Hackman, and the white actors carrying the scenes along with Jon Voight. The problem is, it could have been a great movie if that Affirmative Obama Action spacetaker, Will Smith was not in the way as the star.

I mean if you look at Will Smith, he is just like Obama, in everything he gets credit for is from white people's talent.
I really do not care if it was some Will Smith who saved Bruce Willis' life after he got divorced from that liberal hosebag Demi Moore. I mean my God in Heaven, you got 3 billion women to get on and ride, and Bruce Willis picks that freak. Good thing Madonna was with that red head Sean Penn, or Willis would have nailed that hose bag too.
Thing is, it is this whiner time that blacks show up and say the most dumb fucktard things like "Put the kids first and move on", and for some reason someone on his second bottle of whiskey thinks that is Moses on the Mount.
I think it is just when you are a white man, thinking like you are seven years old, that advice from Afroids sounds great until you sober up.
Willis should have just beat her whoring ass to save her from Cougarville in that Obama pimp Ashton Kutcher....another fucktard waste of space on any planet.

Just Smith's name should give people pause in how damn boring he is, in Willard Carroll Smith. Sounds like Archie Bunker's son that Edith dropped on his head 12 too many times.

So Willard Carroll rides on Tommy Lee Jones' stardom in Men in Black. Then he is with Gene Hackman in Enemy of the State.......which you know is a knock off of Die Hard and Lethal Weapon.......again two white guy movies, and again Mel Gibson had to drag along that moron Danny Glover and they had to throw in Reginald Vel Johnson for Bruce Willis for that black movie dollar vote, as that is the profit margin, as no one goes to see DeeJingo movies or things with Peebles in them.

Bad Boys is where Will Smith started, riding on Martin Lawrence's presence, one of the few black actors who can play a black man on stage and not make it as boring as Will Smith.....and when Smith's career tanked as no one of the white actors want to be around him again, he signs on to do Bad Boys 3 and it was not done by the first movie.

Willard Carroll can't handle his formerly hot wife Jada Pinkett and now his kid is acting all fag. All this black needed to do was invite Martin Lawrence over for a weekend, and he would have had that Jada howling like Lassie as he gave her the old rin tin tin, and that fag boy after hanging around with Lawrence would have had six babies in production from the Chive WCCO. Probably made olde Jada bark like a dog for a posty digital on sextube too.

Just saying, Will Smith was handing out advice to Bruce Willis and the boy did worse than Willis did with his hosebag.

I mean think of all the good movies out there, which would have been great if Will Smith and Danny Glover were not in them. For that matter, think of how many bad movies were good like Star Wars, because the only thing black in them were the costumes.

I really believe that there should be an A black actor list, and then a Z list. The A list would have like Nichelle Nichols, Martin Lawrence, Courtney Vance, Stacey Dash...and that is about it, and then the Z list would have the Will Smith millions who are best served as extras, like getting coffee or driving people around for Bill Cosby to rape.

It is not that I have anything against Will Smith, it is just I am tired of watching good movies, and having these people with no talent in the way. I mean what is wrong with Asians as co stars? For that matter, what is wrong with Owen Wilson as he does a great job........and why do we not just settle this in having Joaquin Phoenix under contract to play blacks in the movies, as if you look back in all of great would have been Men in Black, Enemy of the State and Bad Boys if Joaquin Phoenix had starred in those roles eh?

See what I mean in all of this, how Hollywood would not be going broke if they just had cast Joaquin Phoenix in all of these movies...........and things like I Am Legend, which really sucks as downer movie in a Smith venue, should have been left in the trash bin.

How much time do we have in this world really? John Wayne movies can not be made any more, and how would the world have been better if Mr. Wayne had been in a few more movies, and how great would good movies have been if only Martin Lawrence and Courtney Vance been allowed to act on the A Black List?

Yes it all goes back to black Obama black voter Will black Smith, making a black movie about how bad whites are on the right, and when it comes down to it, it is Designer Negro Obama who black Will Smith voted for and is covering for who is the problem making all of us enemies of the state.

Willard Carroll Smith, how the world would have been better if he had just answered his true janitor at an old folks home. Denzel Washington could have been like the guy who changes geezer diapers and Danny Glover could have emptied the trash on top of Birther Obama in the pineapple patch smoking the choom.

Nuff said