Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Adios Marco Rubio

The Consolation Prizes

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There are so many positives for Marco Rubio being trounced by Donald Trump, that everyone in the GOP and frankly, Bernie and Hillary should try it.

Like this........

Marco now does not have to show up for work to collect his paltry Senate wage for not showing up for work and now he can collect a 5 million dollar a year salary on Wall Street.......probably for Paul Singer, selling Cuban debt to.........well some nation with white people in it.

Then there is time for Marco to have sex with all sorts of assistants instead of these baggy looking lobbyists. Much better sex with nubile college boys and girls, than those crusty political whores who let things like Bernie and Hillary rub on them.

Marco does not have to answer to Florida whiners who elected him. Much better to have white men in grey pin stripes to report to in how you sexed the homosexual ruler of Mexico to seal a billion dollar deal.

So I think the son of Cuban mafia casino card dealers did pretty good. He got to bang American white girls, got to sex lots of boys, is a multi millionaire, made friends with ISIS by John McCain, and now gets to retire to a 5 million dollar a year job, where he gets to sex women and boys, with a Senate healthcare package.......and now no one will notice him being so sweaty as his job is having sex and he does show up for that.