Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Americans Fiddle with Kruz, Kasich, Krubio and Klinton, while the Mideast burns in Nuclear Fires

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As a viewer guide to the Mideast, you may have noticed that President Vladimir Putin has begun to withdraw his troops from Syria.

Russian troops, warplanes pulling out of Syria

Russian warplanes and troops stationed at Russia's air base in Syria started leaving for home on Tuesday after a partial pullout order from President V…

According to Gordon Duff from Veterans Today of Ohio, the place where the locals like driving by and shooting at the biggest mosque in the world, there never was such a thing as ISIS. It was a rent a mob, same mob as in Libya as I reported from the get go, and who really was ISIS were Kurds from Kurdistan.

Kurdistan took over Mosul and Iraq. Kurds were given American weapons confiscated from the Iraqi's. Kurds were in charge of the oil truck caravans running oil into Turkey.

Now the Turks are bombing the Kurds, as in fire bombing in burning them alive, as the mix has been disrupted by Russia.

Portland-Bound Hellfire Missiles Found On Air Serbia Flight ...

Portland-Bound Hellfire Missiles Found On Air Serbia Flight: ... Oregon. A spokeswoman for the FBI's Portland division said the bureau is aware of the report, ...

If you missed it, there were HELLFIRE missile which was confiscated out of Europe, which was being shipped by air to Oregon. (and do not believe the FBI spin that these were going to Lebanon.) That would be your tank killer missiles, dumped off in Iraq, confiscated by the Kurds and the rent a mob that John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio were meeting with, as Hillary Clinton started that Syrian genocide for the Obama regime.
There is only so much ancient artwork to sell to the Jews in Tel Aviv.....again another exclusive from the Lame Cherry proven fact now in what was behind the ISIS art destruction, was nothing but blackmarket artwork.......and the American running that smuggling ring is Ted Cruz's foreign policy adviser of the Mideast.
They now have weapons, and are selling them to whoever will buy them, and a few hundred thousand is quite a retirement in that mob of terrorists coming to Europe.

Read the above paragraphs again, so you Cruz boogers get what I am telling you about your Tedly, and you get what sweaty Marco has been getting moist over.

Cruz's foreign policy adviser has unique background - San ...

Cruz's foreign policy adviser has unique ... adviser for Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, is an art history ... Ted Cruz's top foreign policy adviser wants to ...


Jeb Bush and John Kasich blast Trump for Muslim ... - RawStory

... Trump takes racist jab at Obama while promising to 'unite' America ... John Kasich blast Trump for Muslim ... John Kasich, criticized Trump's Muslim ...

This part of the world has now changed. This ties in as I mentioned before that Saudi Arabia was bringing in nuclear weapons to Syria. There were four of them. Saudi Arabia attained the bomb in proper from South Africa and France, and then improved the design in helping the Pakistani's obtain the bomb, in the cone shaped Dr. Khan design, which has been what the Iranians are coverting their fat boys over to, as again the Lame Cherry was proven correct in this was about the Hydrogen bomb and not atomic bombs, as everyone has them.
North Korea detonating their miniaturized device, is a signal that Iran has this feature too for it's Shahab missiles.

Your Bush and Obama claque has really mismanaged this, and your featured political whores in Kruz, Kasich, Krubio and Klinton are responsible for all of this, and it is going to take a major bit of blessing with Donald Trump as President working with Vladimir Putin to not have nukes going off....the super nukes in H bombs thanks to image Obama.

There is a reason the Russians are backing their forces out.

Was Syria 'Nuked'? | Veterans Today

Was Syria 'Nuked'? By Gordon Duff, ... have these aircraft." - Gordon Duff. ... a US supplied nuclear bunker buster in Syria. Given Russia's expertise in ...

Uncle Gordon might not get everything right by the smoke signals, but he does get things moving in the right direction as intelligence people always lie.........you can see that with Cruz and Clinton.
Watch the video on the Veteran's Today site, there is lightning going off in the mushroom cloud outside of Damascus, that is not conventional weaponry.

This type of warfare could trigger a massive earthquake in the region, as it is historically unstable and the Bible states. We appear to be entering a phase of the utter destruction of Damascus as Prophecy predicts in the Bible. There are just too many atomic bombs floating around now and with the H bombs the proper toys, no one is going to care about the a bombs, and will allow them to become policy pawns.

Thanks to the German Ulrich for his forward. I was waiting on this, as I had addressed this earlier, but now was the correct time to feature this.

Americans fiddle with Kruz, Kasich, Krubio and Klinton as the Mideast burns in nuclear fires. The world needs Donald Trump to save all of you, or this is coming to Europe and American next.

- Lame Cherry

You children and brats keeping pissing around with Kruz, Kasich, Krubio and Klinton and you are going to be eating nuclear terror and shitting nuclear waste.