Saturday, March 12, 2016

Amerrican Purim

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As I type this, the thought of this came to me several weeks ago, but was reinforced when one of those friends of a sister, who collects them like VD off a bar stool was apologizing to a Muslim, because TL happened to point out that Muslims were raping their way through Europe.

I sincerely believe that no religions revival, no national calamity, not politician can fix the reprobate nature which is America. A regime which plunders the treasury for the rich, protects it's crimes by a police state in imprisoning and murdering the citizenry from blacks in Chicago to whites in Oregon, is as Michael Dukakis said "rotten from the head down".

I have mentioned that the realities of civilization point to either a Caesar will arise for good or evil, in a Washington or Stalin, to implement a new order from the old debauchery in a civil war, or it will be an invasion from a foreign power, obliterating a regime which is detested, and welcome in the invaders as eastern Europe did Hitler, because the Purim just does not appear that often, whether it be Jews engaged in obliteration of their enemies in the Persian Empire or Germans purging themselves from internal enemies in the 1930's.

For those unfamiliar with the Bible, the book of Esther is about a powerful minority seizing power in Persia, and unleashing genocide on the tribes of Judah, Benjamin and Levi. An Aggagite named Haman cast lots or the Pur, to find out which day to conduct this genocide for best results, and when the day was known, he has the Emperor sign a decree for all people of the Kingdom of Judah in the empire to be exterminated, including Queen Esther who was a Benjaminite.

God turned the tables in this, so the Jews rose up and slaughtered their assassins before the day of Pur, but in that, it is all that saved the Kingdom of Judah.

That is why I believe that with the absolute injustice and outlaw nature which America has been degraded to, by the mob and by the rulers, that the only way to save what is left of America is a pogrom or the Pur.

I know America does not have the stomach for this in the bloodletting which would be legalized in a two part purge, because like the Islamic apologist there would be whiners who would think they could couch sin in their hearts and keep the tiger unleashed as a pet and it would never rise up and murder them.
That very nature which Americans had when they broke over the Appalachians and secured Manifest Destiny has been obliterated almost. It was shown what rights are in the murder of LaVoy Finicum, in the Constitution is now a document of fiction, and the regime is that Haman unleashed, exterminating the American.

It is an interesting sadness to note that Americans have the choice of being gunned down by the police state, imprisoned to death by the police state, or having the police state invading replacements rape, rob and murder the American.
It reminds me of the Star Trek story where a person was told by Spock that they had the choice of death by hanging, death by firing squad, death by..........and the person replied, "Yes the key word is DEATH."

I believe it will be an American Ethanasian, a sort of not so humane end to the people in having a lion pin you down by the throat as the cubs eat your guts out. Death will come, but it will not be pretty, but the key is as has been proven by the police state is they have nothing humane in them, and are not squeamish about ruthless murder, and it is not about the bonuses which await them afterwards, but because they have the stomach for it.

Adolf Hitler, according to Albert Speer stated that if Germans could not defeat the Russians, then in the natural order the Russian should prevail and Germans should be exterminated to history. I wonder of  the American animal in charge of this police state, in the kind of sociopath it will produce akin to the Roman Circus in enjoying the murder of Christians by feeding them to wild animals.

The day will come with drones will be the live reality television in which the asphalt mob will cheer and watch the slow death of men, women and children as robotics wound, cripple and make them beg.

One already sees that in the murder of LaVoy Finicum. The mob is beast which cheers, as that same quiet brooding Obama reminds one of Saddam Hussein, smoking a cigar in his chair as an Iraqi was being carved in pieces in torture and Saddam was saying, "I am such a good man, so why is it you are so evil in making me do this to save Iraq."

It is interesting to observe the sociopathic denial in all of these behind it. image Obama is smug and silent in being innocent as it carries out the conglomerate will to steal people's property to mine it. Poor little Special Agent Gregory Bretzing washes his hands by blaming the Oregon State Police as he never did the murder either. The Oregon Police of course are silent and blaming the FBI for ordering them to murder an unarmed man.
The great tyrants used to put heads on pikes, but poor LaVoy Finicum, was the trophy none of these butchers wanted, after they desired it.

But it helps to keep one busy, so one hunts through those catacombs for more Bundy's to arrest to die in prison. I suspect if this goes on long enough, we might just have like Charles II digging up Oliver Cromwell and putting his skull on the wall in revenge. There must be allot of Finicums and Bundys in the ground in America who could be dug up and their skulls put in the balances of federal buildings, as bonuses and awards will never satisfy the soul of the sociopath. They need their trophies to remind everyone about how more legal and upstanding they are, then those they cut down.

It would be lovely to have a tyrant sign an order to countermand the Haman order which has already been signed for the death of every American, but America is a land of mutton and mutton just lies there until it is consumed, and a legal order like that would require like the Jews of Purim, some interesting survivors who liked using stones and knives to bash the life and stab the life out of their enemies, all legal as the Emperor decreed it......and it being such a matter of survival event, it was celebrated twice.

But then that was an age of miracles, and a people who still worshiped God, and not an America in which God was replaced for a fiction.

This though has been a Lame Cherry exorcise in forensic psychology, not to alarm nor console, but to simply educate Americans that they really perished sometime after World War II, when Truman bought their souls with a GI Bill and their children believed all the fiction of Hollywood Mockingbird.

Then again, the Jews got their end too, when they chose a foreigner named Herod to rule over them, and the Romans came in and obliterated that nation again to slavery.

The oddest thing about this all, is that the genocide of America by the police state, by invasion or by robotics, all ends the same in the numbers of dead bodies, and none of them want the polices state around any more, as either they have liberty, their own foreign force, or the elite like robots better as you never have to worry about a machine doing what a person in a uniform with a gun would do in turning on you.

Alas the wolf she howls upon the graves of all
The centurion and the slave all answer the same death call
There stands the cheering despot glimmering all alone
Calling out in victory, My kingdom for a Drone