Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Cruz Campaign Imploding In Wisconsin

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Do you really how low on the food chain you are politically to have to be to have to being fish bait for Ted Cruz?

Do you realize how strong Donald Trump is for Big Koch to have to devour Scott Walker in order to try and steal another state from Donald Trump?


Scott Walker is an absolute ZERO politically for Wisconsin support, as no one cares. In fact, the voters there are Obama tired of this debt spender, who keeps throwing in with the Bush clan insiders, so when it comes down to it, Scott Walker is a dead weight on Cruz...................

Scott Walker endorses Ted Cruz ahead of Wisconsin primary ...

WASHINGTON — Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz for president Tuesday. "After all these years of the Obama-Clinton failures, it's ...

.......and Ted Cruz SEXGATE has damaged Ted Cruz immensely. This why Homo Hannity kept trying to shift the subject off of SEXGATE and back onto the "issues".

Forgive me for not having a Homo mind, but I think that:

South Korean CIA getting American Journalist Drew Johnson fired from the Washington Times so they own Ted Cruz is an issue.

I sort of know that Ted Cruz going to vote for South Korea in the North Korea situation is a quid pro quo sort of criminal issue now.

and I know that the issue of North Korea being furious over all of this, and making US cities and Soldiers nuclear targets in a nuclear Pacific War is an issue.......even if Sean Hannity does not.

This all dovetails in to the inside polling which had lying Ted Cruz having to stiff the Jews in New York and New Jersey, as he has no chance there, to haul Heidi back to be his shadow, so everyone in Cheesehead land will not wonder if they are getting a divorce as Heidi was out of state again.
Yes Heidi was supposed to pander to Jews, but Ted is in such horrid falling numbers in Wisconsin that Heidi is being used as a prop.

“They said they needed her in Wisconsin to campaign with Ted,” Pastor John Gravagna told The Post. “They’re going to be back next week or the week after.”

So you can be pleased with yourselves in the entire media has been flying cover for cheater Ted Cruz for over 3 months in lying to you about his character, because Cruz is the insider who is being paid to sucker idiots to vote for him, so Hillary Clinton gets into the White House, and each of you by the internet has accomplished something in shattering the media blackout and censorship in the entire story is getting out.

If Anonymous would hit the April 1st deadline, the story would be primetime. It is a story though with markers in nuclear warfare and Ted Cruz is the cause, and now we see Big Koch cannibalizing Scott Walker and now Ted has Heidi being led around on a leash, proving what a great master Ted is as she dry humps his leg.

Wisconsin is a liberal state. It is more Trump and Kasich country than anything TRIPLE C, Canadian, Cuban and Cruz. The GOPliters are running all the propaganda to do all they can to talk down Trump polling numbers as another sign of how desperate they are, as they have it all invested in Wisconsin.

The real Wisconsin Polling Numbers as of today are Trump at 67%, Cruz at 15.0%, Kasich 24%. For the astute who can add, they will notice that this adds up to, 106% again, as it did in Ohio. The reason for that is this is the +6 points of dead people and illegals who the GOPliters are stuffing the ballots for against Mr. Trump.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.