Monday, March 21, 2016

Divide America and Conquer

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The following is some very important research by the Tiger Lily into how elections are stolen. I am composing the forward, due to the fact that blogging is not a world where one size fits all.

If I write satire, then they want solemn. When I produce revelations, then they want links for proof.......and when it comes down to it, it is all excuses by the anal intellectual who does not want to admit they have shit for brains, so to keep their validation lie intact, they always attempt to find fault or simply change the subject.

So in this today, we have the minds of TL and LC. TL does the links with the in-depth for the pointy heads who are too stupid to understand them, because they will be daydream about masturbating by the first paragraph and then it comes to the thing that I do, in making Lame Cherry concentrate to write things not politely, so it gets through your programming.

This is about VOTE FRAUD. There is only one side in vote fraud, which at the elite, inhabits both the right and left wing movements in hijacking them. I call them the cartel or the GOPliters as they answer to the same message of lust in being seduced by those things which appeal to people from power, sex, bling, associations, fame etc....

The basis of this is, two Ashkenaz Russian Ukrainian boys, or secular Jews who were sent to America, to create computer programming in order to overthrow the world for the cartel. The GOPliters or aristocracy has for centuries used the Rothschild Rockefeller finanical Ashkenaz or Khazarian mafia to bribe nations to get control of them. There always was involved in this the problem of the masses rioting in revolt, and those pesky Americans starting to make voting an actual force.

With these Russian Ashkenaz boys though, in vote machines like Diebold which started all of this, the cartel had it occur to them, that they could install anyone they chose in "free elections" that they simply flipped the votes to. The population would believe the lie the elections were legitimate and submit to the rule of the GOPliters, right or left wing.

There was a Spanish man though named Andreu Riera who became a problem, for the reason, this computer genius built casino gaming software for the house to win, and used that codex to make thinking voting machines. Riera saw the real mob rising up in true democracy of everyone voting, but that was a threat to the cartel, so they assassinated him, and confiscated Riera's software, which flips up to 15% of the vote to the cartel candidate, in a house casino type stakes.

Karl  Rove used the Diebold machines to install his candidates, and the people backing Obama took their turn, as Jeb Bush was to be the hero in the next phase. Obama's faction though started flipping around 10 million votes in each election, and this is what spread all across America.
Literally, since Riera's software appeared in this world, no Conservatives have won a major election.

Donald Trump though formed a problem in his margins were blowing that 15% and this is where the inheritors began fussing with the Riera programs, and in Bill Gates for Marco Rubio in Microsoft vote fraud software, to Robert Mercer for Ted Cruz, and lastly the Mitt Romney group for John Kasich in Ohio, a new codex was introduced to deal with that situation, in which Cruz's name was simply put on Trump votes in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Maine, to in Ohio where Kasich's name was on Trump's ballots, plus that 15% margin was unleashed for the bizarre numbers there......not as bizarre as Ted Cruz in Idaho and Wyoming in someone making the blackmail point on Cruz in the vote fraud crimes so evidence that none could deny it, but all the same it is one of these many codex forms of vote fraud which meld into the work of the Ashkenaz Russian boys and Andreu Riera.

You can watch these elections which are coming up, and note exactly which single program or hodgepodge is in operation, as the GOPliters are learning to mix the results like in Nevada so it actually looks like voting, and not absolute fraud. You just put your candidate's name on Donald Trump's ballots, turn on the 15% vote flip to certain candidates and voila you have Kasich in Ohio.

That should be the simple version of explaining TL's well researched links, as TL does this empirical work more efficiently than me. I simply speed read, ask the Holy Ghost what it is to break it down to a one word sentence for my filing it away in the 486 and I am off to more clutter.

I am deeply grateful for TL's work in contributing. It humbles me and I am thankful.


Oh and this is quite dangerous to be making the machinery of this system known to the Mutton.

From the desk of the Tiger Lily.

Would it trouble you to know that roughly 50% of election results are controlled by foreign interests and the other 50% of results are a type of shared monopoly between brothers?

There are 4 main voting systems used in the vast majority of the US: Diebold (Premier Election Systems), Election Systems and Software (ES&S), Sequoia Voting Systems, and Hart Intercivic. There is also a military/CIA-connected Science International Applications Corporation (SAIC) that dabbled briefly in the early 2000's in "vetting" Diebold (while having its software fingers in a piece of the voting pie on what seems like primarily the East Coast) and an internet funneled hub of national vote-counting SOE software (now owned by Spanish company Scytl).

Dominion Voting Systems (DVS) out of Canada owns 2 out of 4 US voting systems: PES (formerly Diebold) and Sequoia voting systems. The main reason Dominion was able to acquire PES is because Hart Intercivic brought a lawsuit against ES&S when they bought PES.

DVS accesses 1000 US counties across 35 states as of 2014.

DVS also has the capability to compile lists of eligible voters, meaning unless the lists of people who actually voted are checked, a few hundred to a few thousand more could potentially vote without having shown up... and they know exactly how many votes have to be flipped to achieve the desired outcome based on voter turnout.

Owner John Poulos is Canadian. He was also involved with the Arab Spring in Libya, meaning he is connected to Obama's backers for furthering their purposes.

Hart Intercivic is owned and managed by Romney-connected prior Bain Capital employees. Though servicing a "small" US market-share compared to the other major players, they have control over key voting centers with large populations in the US.

Diebold and ES&S were both run by the Urosevich brothers (Bob Urosevich as president at Diebold and Todd Urosevich as vice-president at ES&S), who have been involved in the writing of e-voting programming software and founding/running these software companies since they began with AIS in the late 1970's/early 1980's.

ES&S controls 60% of the US market. "In 2014, ES&S claimed that "in the past decade alone," it had installed more than 260,000 voting systems, more than 15,000 electronic poll books, provided services to more than 75,000 elections. The company has installed statewide voting systems in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, and West Virginia. ES&S claims a U.S. market share of more than 60 percent in customer voting system installations."

ES&S is owned by Michael R McCarthy whose personal donations record shows he gave $2.5k to the senate Dem challenger in NE, $300 to the Repub candidate.

Very well-researched history of vote fraud by Bev Harris, Chapter 8 shows Michael R McCarthy's big corporate ties to govt and continuous fines due to fraud as director of Peter Kiewit Sons Inc. When attempting to research political donations made by this group, I stumbled across information that LC will expound upon further in subsequent posts.

Vote fraud caught in 2014 midterm elections in Maryland and Illinois by the Democrats.

Vote fraud in pro-Romney 2012 primary elections, favors pro-establishment Republicans over the tea-party challenger in larger population centers.

Plausible methods to incorporate vote fraud in paper ballot e-counting (ES&S optical scanning). This is the reason ballots should be hand-counted by people from both parties and verified, or routinely spot-checked after being auto-counted by the machines.

Scytl rears its ugly head: bought SOE software in 2012, greater than 525 jurisdictions across the US are re-routed to a central hub to count the votes.

Scytl rears its ugly head part deux: Bob Urosevich (former Global Election Systems president and Diebold Elections Systems CEO) was hired to be managing director of the Americas branch in 2006. This extremely left-wing site claims Urosevich resigned from Diebold in 2004 yet apparently he can't keep his hands out of influencing American politics.

What you should take away from all of this is that both the "right" and "left" wing are owned by the same big-money interests who trade off stealing elections depending on which candidate is scheduled to rule, i.e. conduct mass rapine on the American people as our rights go down the drain and we are replaced by the easily-manipulated invader slave class.

We can be vigilant in doing our utmost to continue watching for the signs of election theft and supporting Donald Trump, and pray, pray, pray.  He is our lone ally standing up against the monster in this fight and I hope to God he is given the victory.