Tuesday, March 8, 2016

How to obliterate Islam

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I find history a most interesting reality in the Muslim Christian or Caucasian Musasian conflict.

When the Turkish or Ottoman Muslims invaded White Europe in the Balkans, an event took place where the Sultan took women to rape and children as slaves, along with cattle and grain, in a yearly tribute to the monarch. Of these, the Janissarians began a warrior class or the Christian White Warriors of the Muslim Empire, being forced to convert to the Islam and bow to the Sultan.

If it were not for the Janissarians, there never would have been an Ottoman Empire, because they would have been crushed at Constantinople the Christian capital in Asia.

Years later, when the Sultan was reorganizing his empire militarily, the Janissarians refused. I will allow General Nelson Miles of America tell the history of that event.

This organization is not new; it was undertaken as long ago as seventy years by Mahmud II. When, about 1827, he decided to begin the reconstruction of his army, he was obliged to turn his cannon on the Janizaries, and not to stop until the last one of that body was dead, so hostile were they to any change in the methods of the Turkish army. After the Janizaries were out of the way, Mahmud II. began to remodel his force. Ten years after this he had Von Moltke and other Prussian officers aiding him. This work has gone on steadily ever since, until now the Turkish military forces are completely modernized.

Miles, Nelson Appleton, 1839-1925. Military Europe

Yes, the Sultan obliterated his best forces of the White European Janissarians, and the Muslim Turks of the Ottoman never again prevailed in any war, and it was only Ataturk who ridding Turkey of Muslim centrism, who saved that nation from obliteration in the 20th century. But the fact remains that Turkey, when it employed White European Warrior Slaves of the Christians, an empire was built. When the Sultan genocided them, the Ottoman Empire crumbled to the Muslim dope lord state of Obamadom of the early 21st century.

If the remnant of the Western Christians desire to obliterate Islam, the answer is simple in cutting off Christian technology in oil, computer and military means. Islam will be buried in the sand and muck of Asia in two decades

Nuff Said.