Sunday, March 6, 2016

Nancy Reagan Belongs to the Ages now

Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan waving from the limousine during the ...

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Our heartfelt sincere sympathies go out to the family of Nancy Reagan, especially her children in Patty and Ron Jr.

It is difficult in these vitriolic times to tone things down even in moments like this, but what America is now suffering though in the attacks upon Donald Trump, began in this modern era with Ronald and Nancy Reagan.

People forget how mean the liberals and the press were to Mrs. Reagan. How they questioned her as a Jezebel for wearing red dresses, how the scorned her for expensive fashions (they were donated to her) and how she had the audacity to replace the White House china. (The china was so chipped and broken that the Reagan's were ashamed to have state dinners.)

These are the types of things that the Reagan's had to suffer through, including President Reagan not being able to hear, so Mrs. Reagan would whisper answers to him, and the liberals went deranged over that in spinning it that she was running the country.

Life is a point though of weighing what people do in this life, and Mrs. Reagan did what was good. She brought to America the best President for the time and shared him, as she worked to protect him. None of us have to agree on everything, but we can not change history as it unfolded, even if we disagreed that Mrs. Reagan moved the President too much to the center, because in the end, the Reagans ended the Cold War, gave Eastern Europe their freedom and gave America her chance for that generation.

When I  think of Mrs. Reagan, I think of  the word "class". She was far more glamorous as first lady than as a leading lady in Hollywood.

The Reagan's marriage was storybook in they were still holding hands, and they stayed with each other in sickness and health. It is my hope that they are now together in God's Heaven and free from this world's cares in their own shining city on the hill.

May God comfort Patty and Ron jr. in this by His Holy Ghost Care and even as this seems a bad omen for America, may they held in Jesus Love.


Nancy Reagan slips and falls on way to Tea Party favourite Marco Rubio ...

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