Thursday, March 17, 2016

Ted Cruz dumber than a goddamned Post

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I got to wonder about that Cuban Canadian Rafael Cruz spouting off like he got Clint Eastwood's dick between his legs, instead of that in need of penal enhancement down there in saying he ain't interested in no Vice Presidential position on the Trump ticket.

My question is who in the hell asked his ineligible to the party?

This boy just can not get his shit together. Can not figure out how to run a campaign. He had John Kasich gnawing off his legs and all he can do is keep throwing shit at Donald Trump, and getting buried in his own pile.

Everyone keeps waving Ted Cruz around as some kind of  talisman as his Harvard lawyer mouth is such a great debater. Fact is Donald Trump has kicked every one's ass in the debates where it was 9 on stage and it will be the same when only one Cuban is on the stage, and not two.

So you get this, Donald Trump is keeping Ted Cruz around as it suits the Trump campaign.  Kasich ain't going to erode Trump's numbers, but he sure as shit stinks will be cutting Ted down to a smaller size. That suits the Trump campaign in these two piss ants biting at each other, as no piss ant can do any damage to Donald Trump.
That is why Donald Trump did not make a debate appearance. It is better to let Kasich and Cruz bleed each other out, as Mr. Trump starts taking care of Hillary Clinton.

Ted Cruz has shit for brains. When he can't play a game to beat John Kasich when Donald Trump is standing guard over him like a wet nurse wiping his ass, and the boy is too dense to know all that has been done for him.

So the booger brains like Scot McKay over at Right Wing News can fall for more Ted Cruz Havana lingo chatter, but the reality is, Donald Trump has done nothing but favors for this product of the 3rd world.  They are all dumber than goddamned posts, damn trouble is though at least a post is good for something.