Thursday, March 10, 2016

Ted Cruz Voters Now Cheating In Drudge Poll


Total Votes: 180,740

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

If you happen to notice the Drudge poll, you will need to be aware that Ted Cruz's boogers have adopted the Ted Cruz vote fraud strategy in the boogers are clearing out their cache's and voting as many times as they can click.

It is pathetic to do this, and it reveals how unbalanced the Cruz voters have become in being manipulated to Cruz mind control.

This is a poll. You are not winning the Presidency. Cheating only reveals who desperate and against everything God you are.

I do feel sadness for people this in need of validation, but Ted Cruz has done this to them in the rape which he has inflicted upon these people. Think of it, that they have nothing better to do than sit in front of a computer and cheat, in order to try and steal a moment, which they have lost.

The Ron Paul voters used to be thee most out in left field, but the Ted Cruz voters are simply deranged now. Donald Trump trounced Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and John Kasich in the debate, and now has Dr. Ben Carson endorsing him tomorrow, and the way the Cruz boogers respond is to break every honorable thing in America, piss on George Washington and shit on Ronald Reagan.
This is so disgusting in the bloody feet of the Soldiers of Valley Forge fighting in 1776, George Custer slaughtered with his command in 1876 and the wounded Veterans of wars today, have been marginalized by what the Ted Cruz boogers have just engaged in again.

Americans suffered for this nation, and Ted Cruz boogers have revealed what they think of the American Constitution and Jesus the Christ in cheating in a pathetic online poll on Matt Drudge, as they can not win anything fair.

and I added this an hour later to prove what an absolute election thief Ted Cruz is with his boogers in they have destroyed the faith Americans have in elections, polls and Drudge polls in a coordinated attack on the Drudge site, dumping in several hundred votes at a time.

Total Votes: 236,121