Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Texas Style Vote Fraud

The Taco and Bell of Vote Fraud

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Is it not just the strangest thing that only votes for Donald Trump at e voting machines, turn into Jeb Bush votes in South Carolina, Marco Rubio votes in Iowa and now Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio votes in Texas.

Strange that you never hear this reported on Limbaugh, Hannity or Levin.

I told all of you that there was a 15 point vote shaving operation taking place against Donald Trump in vote fraud. I suspect  the Texas numbers in vote fraud appearing there today in the Austin area, are linked to that mysterious 40 for Trump and 15 for Cruz and Rubio, which by miracle in Texas, the only state this is happening shifted to 40 for Cruz, 25 for Trump and 15 for Rubio.

All of this was charming when democrat Lyndon Johnson was doing it, as it really never hurt anything, as LBJ was more right wing than Obama, Clinton and Carter combined. LBJ would be the Donald Trump of  Texas today really as Johnson was a pro American politician.
What though is taking place in Texas today is not charming in the least.

Few Texas voter-fraud cases would have been prevented by ...

AUSTIN — Attorney General Greg Abbott champions a requirement for voters to show photo identification to prevent ballot fraud. But such a rule would have ...

Non-U.S. Citizen Indicted For Voter Fraud In North Texas ...

Indictment says Rosa Maria Ortega fraudulently registered to vote in Dallas County by claiming to be a U.S. citizen.

In Texas, evidence of voter fraud abounds - USATODAY.com

The Obama administration's Department of Justice has now reversed its previous approval of voter ID laws and attempted to block Texas' law. Attorney ...

I could continue on with this Texas vote fraud, but people who do not donate come here to learn something and not read search engine headlines.

The reality in this is simple, if Donald Trump's vote margin is stolen for Cruz to win Texas, then he is being robbed of half the delegates. If Ted Cruz pulls off another vote fraud win like in Iowa, then Mr. Trump will have this drag out for another few weeks before attaining victory......and we will listen to the caustic Cruz and Rubio lie some more, and their votetard supporters become even more delusional.

It simply would be best for the Cruz voters to have it ended for them today, so they could come home and vote for Donald Trump, and inflict that loss on Cruz to punish that little twister for shattering their dreams in being such a fraud.
If not, Ted Cruz is going to torment all of us some more with his weird manifestations coupled with Rubio's hysteria.

The thing lost on the Cruz and Rubio supporters is, every time their candidates lie and commit vote fraud, that it forever delegitimizes them before the electorate. It is why Lyndon Johnson stuffed ballot boxes and never allowed the evidence to be seen, except years later when it did not matter.


Rush Limbaugh went in for some bondage masochism on his radio show today by Trump voters. Callers like Clem indicate that Donald Trump is victorious in huge margins, from the Limbaugh insider feed, and this is the way Rush gets out of it, in having Snerdly put a call up to berate him, so he does not have to feel the wrath of Donald Trump......as Beck is in lost media and Matt Walsh is in exile to Homoguay South America as a bitch to some Nazi tots.