Monday, March 28, 2016

The Cheesehead

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I probably should not admit that I have relatives in Wisconsin. It is a state I have no desire to go to, as I tended to agree with the legend of my relative who left there in the 18th century by going off into the trees, and just disappeared.
No one knew what happened to him, but all he did, was leaving for somewhere there were not all those damned trees and damned London wet all the time. Personally, I think a nice nuclear inferno to burn those trees off and dry the place out would make it California nice.

The reason I am writing this is these cheesebrain anti Trump protestors. They are a testament to my relative who left that state, as you can see these people do not have enough sun, have water on the brain, and sick in both body and soul.
I see they have been taught professional protest tactics, and was wondering if the Wisconsin Police ever tried a professional response to their PVC looking arm linking.

All it would take would be about 50 feet of log chain and one log hook. Lots of trees in Wisconsin so lots of chains. Then you would attach this to some F 250 out of Detroit, and simply drive off.

I wonder how long their professional bondage would be hand holding with the Police doing this remedy.

I can understand why communists in Wisconsin do not like Nazis or National Socialists, as the Germans were rather adept at weeding out commies and other degenerates, but the problem with Donald Trump is he is not a National Socialist, is against brown skin slave labor and is trying to protect these in need of the sun mindtards from themselves.

I am certain that the one thing these creatures can be assured of is no one is going to be coming or cumming for them as no one wants them, including their mothers or their pets they keep hostage, so they will not run away.

I love the look on the two cheeseheads as it says it all.

Yeah I have got this shitty job, in shitty Wisconsin, with asstard Paul Ryan and Scott Walker in control of this shit, with this Bernie and Hillary shit making me more miserable, and all I want is to go home and drink a keg of Ole Mil, pass out, hope my fucking cigarette burns me alive in my sleep, so I don't have to do this shitty job tomorrow, standing in the shitty sunless day, when I could be napping in a room not in use, thinking about drowning to death in a pool of Ole Mil.

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