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The Dirt on Heidi Cruz

Editors Note: This will be a stand alone post again, as it is important you children understand the treachery of Heidi Cruz in crimes against America with her foreign birthed husband, Rafael Ted Cruz.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry honestly does not know the dirt which Donald Trump spoke of concerning Heidi Cruz, the wife of Canadian born, Rafael Ted Cruz, but the Lame Cherry is about to reveal the dirt on Heidi Cruz as she was implanted into Goldman Sachs to literally create the same criminal energy bubble which is now imploding by the Obama regime, as 9 11 created the Housing Bubble of George W. Bush, which burst in 2008 AD in the year of our Lord.

Heidi Cruz has worked for three investment banks, JP Morgan Chase, Merrill Lynch, and Goldman Sachs.

Let me run the time line in this so you comprehend this.

In 2008 AD, you remember the Obama economic bust, which was a deliberate 9 11 suicide economic attack upon America. In that process, the debt traders had overloaded speculation on Bush housing debt in investment houses, which caused them to collapse. The scheme was then for major players like Goldman Sachs to Citibank to buy up these immense holdings for pennies on the millions of dollars, exactly as JP Morgan accomplished in America in the 1929 AD in the year of our Lord Stock Market Crash.

Goldman Sachs took your money, and bought up Lehman Brothers for pennies, and one of the key financial advisers to the Bush43 administration in how this entire bailout would take place, was Heidi Cruz, who would not only be working at Goldman Sachs, but soon enough rise to managing director, the highest position in the Houston Texas branch.
Quite a feat for a little girl with absolutely no experience managing the largest oil sector in the world.

If you need a refresher on this, Goldman Sachs not only employed and promoted Heidi Cruz, but kept making illegal money dump loans to Ted Cruz, that he kept forgetting to report to federal authorities, and for insider reasons, he has never been charged with these crimes.

This is important for you to understand, as much as that 5 dollar a gallon gasoline that Obama colluded with Big Frac to steal trillions from you, in there are traces in this of a company called PETROEDGE LLC, which ended up with a 150 million dollar investment from Goldman Sachs.
What Petroenergy did, was the same thing the debt traders did in flipping houses which caused the 2008 massive bust. Petroenergy out of nowhere received a fortune from Heidi Cruz, and began speculating on buying up huge segments and shares in States like Texas, Virginia, New York and Pennsylvania which was then flipped to Quest Resource of Oklahoma in 2008 AD in the year of our Lord for 140 million dollars.

The 140 million dollar speculative company though soon received 150 million dollars in capital investment from Heidi Cruz five years later. In the midst of an economic crash and Bush43 low oil prices of 1.87 at the pumps for gasoline, this huge acquisition takes place, as if someone knew prices were going to be bringing 5 dollar per gallon gasoline, as Warren Buffett did in the Obama regime shutting off Canadian oil pipelines and Gulf oil drilling for Buffett and Oklahoma oil drilling in North Dakota.

PetroEdge Energy IV LLC received $150 million in capital from private-equity firm Post Oak Energy Capital, Post Oak said April 16. PetroEdge’s management team will also invest, the company added.
PetroEdge is the fourth iteration of the Houston oil and gas company, Post Oak said. It will continue to acquire and develop similar assets. Most recently, it acquired, developed and sold a Lower Eagle Ford (Maness) acreage position in Brazos and Burleson counties, Texas.

HOUSTON, July 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Post Oak Energy Capital (Post Oak) and funds managed by Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM) today announced a $100 million capital commitment to PetroEdge Energy III, LLC (“PetroEdge” or the “Company”). PetroEdge’s management team will be co-investing alongside Post Oak and GSAM.
PetroEdge is a newly formed oil and gas company headquartered in Houston, Texas.

This is what caused the massive price spikes in oil, as Heidi Cruz was funding this for the Obama regime literally to rob you, so you would not become an economic competitor in the 2016 Presidential race.

See as oil boomed, everyone in Wall Street got involved, and prices were driven up higher, and all of these American Independent Oil Companies, started borrowing cheap money from the banks to develop all of these massive oil and gas fields.

As the Lame Cherry broke this story in Citibank is part of the super banks holding all of this American Oil Company debt, exactly like Brazil is experiencing, those oil companies are now in low prices, created by the Obama regime and Saudi Arabia, as an attack on President Putin and American Independent Oil Companies, they are having to sell their oil fields, and most importantly, these companies are going bankrupt, which means that their oil is becoming the property of Citibank and Goldman Sachs, among others.

So you understand the Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter in this part, Citibank is controlled by Saudi Arabia. So you get that point, Saudi Arabia was promised if they depleted their oil reserves to break independent oil in Russia and America, that Saudi Arabia would gain ownership of American oil reserves.
Literally, the oil under North Dakota and Texas is being acquired by Muslim Oil, and Heidi Cruz was behind this, as she helped create the oil speculation companies which drove up prices.

The damning part in this is Petroedge was created by people who worked for Halliburton, and if you bother to research exactly who owns the controlling interest in Goldman Sachs, you find Citigroup which is Saudi Arabia, Berkshire Hathaway which is Warren Buffett for Obama's regime, and the infamous traitor to America, JP Morgan Chase, yes that would be the globalist Rockefellers.

Do you understand the damning evidence of this in Heidi Cruz, was the person sent into the American oil industry in Houston Texas, to create a bubble for the Obama regime, in order to steal the entire American oil and natural gas under your feet, and it is owned by nation rapist Warren Buffett, Muslim terror oil and David Rockefeller.
Heidi Cruz never left the CFR, as she was their chief financial loan shark operating out of Texas.

This only becomes more criminal as Ted Cruz was working the other side of the coin, in Toby Neugebauer, whose father was in the US House, happened to be an investment banker like Heidi Cruz, and he started another energy speculation company called Quantum Energy Partners. In 2007, this group was joined at the hip with Carlyle Group, which happens to be the insider trader firm of the HW Bush officials, which raided and plundered hosts of companies, and they joined in the same energy sector price inflation.
Neugabauer is the billionaire who donated 10 million dollars to Ted Cruz in his run for President.

Carlyle/Riverstone and Goldman Sachs to Invest $500 ...
The Carlyle Group
Nov 30, 2005 - Houston, TX - With $500 million in financial backing by Carlyle/Riverstone and Goldman Sachs Capital Partners, a team of petroleum industry ...

Here is a list of the Texas side of the new world order which owns Ted Cruz at Neugabauer's board of directors: 

Donald Wolf started out with Canadian oil. Alan Smith sits on the board of the Texas Department of Petroleum oversight. John Campbell is the resources speculator. Wil VanLoh is the co founder. Richard Hebert was with Mobil Oil. Donald Powell is Chairman of the FDIC under Bush43. Stephen Thorington was a managing director at Chase Securities.

Does that list sound a little like the insiders of the 1% who rule this world and are making you the mutton of America?

This is Heidi Cruz's American size pile of dirt in who she is and what she is. She was exposed by this blog in the exclusive in matter anti matter in having written the White Paper on the North American Union, which was so radical in the destruction of Canada and the United States, that the Canadians rewrote it and as my contact was with them previously, they have now disavowed this entire radical project.
Heidi Cruz was sent in to take over the American Oil and Gas ownership, and put it into the hands of Obama cronies, Globalists and Muslim terror states, and she did just that.

Mrs. Cruz is far more than a suicidal depressed female trying to get run over by Ted Cruz abuse, but is the financial speculator who drove your stolen retirement funds from 2008, in the looting by nation rapists like Warren Buffett to create an energy bubble which is being collapsed deliberately, so the Muslim terror oil can own all the oil and gas under your feet and sell it to you or the Chicoms in China.

Now Heidi and Ted Cruz in their lies, have embarked upon the task to destroy with the GOPliter elite, the people's revolution being led by Donald Trump to take America back and to make America great again. If you do not get this, you are the competitor to these cartel elitists and the threat to them, because if the above is ever understood by the masses of you, and you have a Donald Trump in the White House, these criminal traitors are going to be tried and executed.

The regime minders were posting on the Conservative Treehouse smears against this blog and other bloggers in lying that I somehow get my information on a site I am not on, and somehow the information which is here, NEVER appears on other sites until AFTER it is first published here in my time lines being right, my information being right and Lame Cherry being right again.

If you need a synopsis of the above to understand it, it is this:

Heidi Cruz oversaw the financial scheme of the Obama regime's plan for their insider Muslim oil terrorists in Saudi Arabia and their insider nation rapists like Warren Buffett, to create an oil bubble in order to confiscate the American oil under your feet in your states for Saudi Arabia, and they have done just that.
.........and Ted Cruz got paid 10 million dollars for his part, which is to destroy Donald Trump and every one of you, as he is blamed for the Tea Party loss to Hillary Clinton, in her being installed into the White House to turn all of America over to these traitors and foreign birthed types like Ted Cruz.

That is the dirt on Heidi Cruz from the Lame Cherry in another matter anti matter exclusive.

Heidi Cruz is a nation rapist and Ted Cruz is the pimp dragging the American Virgin to the 1% billionaire brothel.

- Lame Cherry

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