Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The End of Cabelas

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There are very few rich people in this world like Donald Trump, because most rich people like Martha Stewart get caught in crimes of pennies or are like the featured dumb shits in this article of the Cabelas family of Nebraska, who build something and then listen to these always experts and end up getting their asses booted out of the family company like Disney.

I will lay this out, as this is important for everyone, including Jeff Bezos of Amazon to that moron Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, and that means you, who are reading this.

See Cabelas started selling worthless fishing lures in the back of magazines like Fur Fish Game, taking advantage of children, who would gladly send in their quarter for some fishing lures as it was a good deal, until you fished with them. But at least it saved fish lives.

From this, Cabelas gained enough money to expand into the outdoor field and overtake Herters of Minnesota which was the premier outlet along with Gander Mountain.

As hard times fell on these competitors, two venues appeared in Cabelas and Bass Pro.

Cabelas then around the year of the Clinton bust embarked upon selling its stocks as all rich families do. The reason they do it, is the always experts tell them, "Hey make your company public, keep around 25 to 35% of the stocks, and you keep control, and you get a billion dollars  to build Cabela stores around the country.

Cabelas have a problem though in everyone who works there thinks they are Nimrod with an asshole attitude.
The second problem is Cabelas in that 2008 Obama bust, hired all of those mindtards from Lowes and other bust companies who ran those companies into the ground. These experts had no idea about the outdoors or the public, but they were number crunchers and from the top down corporate hired even more obnoxious people.
Around this time, Cabelas had a whiz bang idea of offering its own credit card as that is where the money is to be made, and cutting back on employees.....meaning Cabelas likes hiring retired military types on pensions, so the flaps can get a discount along with their big retirement, and regular people can not afford to live on their penny salaries.

So that is the base in this, along with Cabelas employees looting ammo from the back room and reselling it on the street, so customers going in the store were not finding products they were looking for.

Cabelas also decided it needed to compete with LL Bean which was absolutely moronic, as LL Bean sells clothes, and not fishing rods, so you have more wasted resources.

Into this in 2015 a corporate raider appeared and acquired 11% of Cabelas stock, and started issuing demands as they always do. Cabelas stocks have fallen like all stocks, and Cabelas has always gouged its customers, so it never had the Gary Olen of Minnesota in Sportsman's Guide low wage clientele, which means the rich people stopped buying goods, and as the poor can not afford 50 dollar Cabela's shirts and price popped guns and ammo, Cabelas is caught in its own trap as a customer rapist.

This is where the situation sits. Cabelas is at a point where they are going to have to now sell the company, as the family is going to have to sell it, as the raider is advocating breaking up the 3 divsions of Cabelas from credit cards to stores, and that will shatter the company.

Let us review for a moment Cabelas being stupid as many companies are stupid. They sell out on stock to expand or they go into debt to expand, like Amazon. Then their boards are loaded with raiders or financial advisers who start jacking up prices when they need to be cut.
Next thing you know, is the owner is no longer in the company like at Disney and the end result is it all becomes corporate Wall Street like Bass Pro.

I am going to tell old Jim Cabela how to fix this, but being as he is a head up ass Nebraskan, he will probably not get the message.

The first thing he needs to do is buy 17% more of his company or 27% whichever is the margin they do not own to get 51% control. He can do this on borrowed money or I would offer a second tier stock in selling stock as bonds in each of the stores locally, which will be reacquired.

Get that done and then start cutting back on your head up the ass corporate management. Your objective is to hang on to 2018 AD in the year of our Lord when President Trump's recovery is going to be spiking the economy.

Until then, all of your over priced Asian made clothes get slashed and all of your other products. You need people to start spending 20 bucks every time they come into the store, instead of just looking at things as most people do. Give people a reason to buy things in your store and they will do it, to commemorate their visit.

If you do not do this, your delaying until June in the board meeting is not going to do anything but getting you locked out of your own stores.

I have suggestion also in your credit card, start teaming up with major gas suppliers for a discount  on every gallon of gas pumped. You have to increase credit card use, and that is the quickest way to do it.

Cabelas like most American business people are head up their ass. The Big Frac independents are having it all taken away from them too, in the same scheme. Farmers are too. It is the problem in people get suckered into taking easy money and the time comes as it is designed, that someone comes in takes over Lehman Brothers too for pennies on the dollar.

There is one last gambit they might try. They could sell stocks to customers in a "Save Cabelas from Corporate Raiders" and people might buy that, with Cabelas keeping the voting option.

My Mom's Dad always said, If you don't have the money in your pocket to buy something, you do not need it." My dad's Dad always said, "Never borrow money".
It is how I live my life. I do not splurge. I do not borrow. I do not pay interest. I practice patience, patience, patience, because having anxiety over something you want, is much better than having anxiety over losing everything you have, over something you bought.

In a way I hope Cabelas goes tits up. They employ assholes. Their corporate are pricks, and they have never done a thing for customers. It has been gouge, gouge, gouge, and cheat, cheat, cheat from the start. They will get what they deserve this coming year, and in part of it, I hope when the new owners take over, that they move operations to Texas.

It is a given that Cabelas stocks like all stocks, have reached their prime long ago, and that they will probably be halved before this is over. All Cabelas can do is hope to hang on until 2018 AD in the year of our Lord. I doubt it though, as they have been sitting on their asses since December 2015 AD in the year of our Lord which is months wasted, which on my plan could have raised several hundred million dollars already.

Yes listen to the always experts, they are the ones you buy the shovel for and force you to dig your own grave.

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