Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Games Of World War IV


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I am puzzled as to why Asian nations of Vietnam, Cambodia and the Philippines would sign up to be nuclear targets in a Neo Obama Arc of Defiance against the Peking communists who Obama was just praising and loving, bowing down to in 2009 AD in the year of our Lord.
Could it be image Obama was wrong again about foreign policy?

On Wednesday, the US Army announced that it plans to stockpile munitions and military supplies in Vietnam, Cambodia, and several other undisclosed nations including, experts believe, the Philippines, as the US adopts an increasingly aggressive military posture toward China.

Historically, President Dwight Eisenhower placed nuclear missiles in Turkey to block the Soviets, to which the Kremlin placed nuclear missiles in Cuba, to which that idiot John Kennedy almost started a nuclear war over. For image Obama to be placing ammo depots into Asia, in an Arc from Okinawa, Korea, Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam and Cambodia, is something which is absolutely futile, and to which Peking should respond with a Naval weapons station in Venezuela and a base in Nicaragua, which of course would begin a Kennedy Kruschev countdown, proving how stupid some people in the White House are.

For perspective in this, most of you have no idea that image Obama sent in an entire aircraft carrier group to assist in the Fukishima radioactive disaster. Do you know what happened?
With that small amount of radioactivity, ALL of those ships are now contaminated in radiation in the lower decks.

As no one apparently gets any of this I will explain fully. No nation needs Cobalt bombs, no nation needs atomic or hydrogen bombs. All they need to do is to burn yellow cake, in order to impregnate metals....as fighter jets, bombs, tanks and ships are ALL metal and absorb radiation forever. Without destroying one ship or tank in a war, China could contaminate an entire fleet with radioactive contamination, like an entire ammo stockpile, and render billions of dollars of forward US ammo stores and bases absolutely worthless forever.

The only thing the Obama policy in South China will produce is making those innocent people targets for murder and open up the American sphere to be challenged by Chinese nuclear bases. This is once again another colossal policy failure by the Obama regime.

For the facts, there is nothing in Cambodia, Taiwan, Okinawa or South Korea worth anything to China. Vietnam has some oil, but that can be neutralized in a few moments in strikes if China moved on that oil. China has over 1 billion angry people, and does not need to invade these populous nations who are growing rice for China, disrupting that food supply which is vital to Chinese survival.
Therefore all this will accomplish is as stated, is to produce an event like the Cuban Missile Crisis, which China can afford to fight, as Obama has dismantled the American long term stockpile, and China has the population to die in a nuclear war. Nuclear war would in effect be of benefit to China in killing off 500 million of their culls.

This is further proof that America needs a President Donald Trump in the White House, as this is the Obama, Clinton, Kerry nuttery, which Kasich and Cruz were going to enable.
The correct policy was to instead, which I would hope Mr. Trump would embark upon, is a united North and South American effort to boot China out of this hemisphere. Argentina did quite well in sinking an illegal Chinese fishing trawler last week. That is where you draw the line and set policy in cleaning up your own sphere first, as the Obama regime has been handing South America over to Peking for almost a decade now.

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