Saturday, March 12, 2016

The GOPliter Assassins

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Today in Dayton, Ohio, John Kasich unleashed with his terror agents an attack upon Donald Trump. This was a test to calculate and observe the Secret Service response for future attacks, and the reality is in how dangerous this is becoming, somehow this terrorist just disappeared.

America is in absolutely anarchy and the KKK of Kruz, Kasich and Krubio have joined with Klinton in this Obama Soviet Amerika. Americans are now prey in the gulag, and they are behind the Iron Curtain locked in.

Rubio and Kasich break vow to support whoever GOP nominee is, bowing to their GOPliter billionaire masters in league with George Soros and Hillary Clinton.

What took place in Ohio is JOHN KASICH'S  RESPONSIBILITY. It is up to Kasich to have the Ohio State Police coordinating for weeks for any political candidate, along with local law enforcement. I can tell you that these attacks are not just happening, but have been in the works for weeks.

I will state again what the KKK in Kruz, Kasich and Krubio have engaged in with Klinton is treason. These billionaires are engaged in treason, and the media is engaged in treason, and MoveOn, and these other terror groups who are joined to Kruz, Kasich and Krubio are guilty of treason. Every single one of this ilk, belongs indicted from the top down, brought before tribunals, tried and when found guilty, hung by the neck until dead, legally.

America as the Lame Cherry predicted is in need of an American Purim. America now has enemies of the state in state coordinated terrorism against Donald Trump and Americans at these rallies, and the terrorists are protected and enabled by the police state.

FOR THE RECORD: The latest would be assassin of Donald Trump was allied with the Mexican mafia and the Aryan Brotherhood it is reported..............who was it but Ted Cruz up in Idaho talking Spanish lingo with the White Supremacists there just last week, that got a pulpit pounder shot and that Odom showed up at the White House where he was arrested.

Nuff Said.