Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Hear Me State

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The people of Missouri have been hearing odd booming sounds in the atmosphere recently and their scientists and security personnel are puzzled by this occurrence.

The Lame Cherry in exclusive matter anti matter will answer what is taking place.

Inquiry points to this is originating out of Whiteman AFB.  They are trialing a new space plane, but I do not want to keyhole it into this. This is a stealth type vehicle, but in reality it is part of the chameleon technology, or computers are able to generate a foreground image for the eye to see, what is the background, so this craft is invisible to the human eye.

“There’s a handful of evidence that says this has to be man-made. And there’s a handful of evidence that says no, it’s got to be natural,”

It is both in cause and effect.

This is a craft which is using the old der Glocke German Bell Technology at source for propulsion in an electromagnetic motor. It's capabilities at present are zero to 50,000 feet per second. Hence what the Missourians are experiencing is a cracking of light so to speak, with burning of air, and the accompanying sonic rupture in the "boom".

The spacecraft is unmanned as it is a test vehicle, and it is lethal type exposure for humans, in what this craft is capable of, and there is not any reason to endanger expensive trained humans.

This is not the Triangles or Aurora. It is something out of Skunk Works.....not Groom Lake or Area 51. This is not a test vehicle, but a production platform which is in training.

This craft is equipped with a radgun AKA a radio gun, which utilizes a low frequency radio wave, not sound, but it moves in sub space at the speed of light. It shatters matter in this light frequency at the elemental not the atomic base.........I explain in different materials vibrate at different frequency and this breaks them apart at the long chain.

Picture it as a flying bell. This craft is as advanced over the German version as a jet is to the Wright Brothers. It is constructed of new materials. Dimensions are about 10 by 12 feet, rounded, flat on the bottom.

Missouri has deployed 10 of these craft, and that is their inventory. Other bases will receive their allotments.

That is about all of the interest I have in this.