Monday, March 21, 2016

The Mercenary Murder of LaVoy Finicum


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The following is a combined effort in the search for Truth, because Truth has been vanquished in America by the police state and the press, now all under political control of the conglomerate mafia cartel.

New evidence is constantly being leveraged out in the murder of LaVoy Finicum, and it begins in a tale as all tales are told, in follow the money.

The cartel did indeed murder LaVoy Finicum, and the leads in this point to a Jade Helm operation in how the conglomerates are now utilizing the United Nations inside of America to murder her Citizens and to confiscate their lands. Before any of you roll your eyes in Alex Jones overload of having heard all of this before, we have official documents in the Governor of Oregon's emails, in which an Oregon State Trooper states that Grant County Oregon with Sheriff Palmer is not a United Nations county, while Harney County is under United Nations control.

Where this all begins is the Hammond Ranch and other Western Ranchers coming under the terrorism of the BLM and US Fish and Wildlife, in criminalizing Americans and stealing their lands. It is what is under those lands which this is all about. I know some of you have heard about the uranium under those lands, which is being turned over to Russia in their share of the market, but something far more sinister is taking place in Oregon on the ground LaVoy Finicum's blood was spilled.
It ties into this blog's exclusive in matter anti matter, that American oil resources are being turned over from refinement to oil in North Dakota to the Saudi Muslims to manage. This sounds odd in not making any sense in turning American energy in uranium and oil over to foreigners, who are backed by image Obama and Hillary Clinton, in her foundation, but it begins to make more sense when you understand that under the greater part of Idaho and Oregon, on these siege lands, lays a far greater power source than North Dakota oil or Uranium, and that resource is Thorium.

There is said to be over 50 TRILLION DOLLARS in Thorium under those lands, and it is why the United Nations, the Obama regime, Hillary Clinton and the GOPliters like Paul Ryan and Ted Cruz are all arrayed against Donald Trump for President, because New World Order mogul, Bill Gates of Microsoft, who helped steal part of the Iowa elections for his man, Marco Rubio, has an investment energy firm named TerraPower, and they are in the process of creating a nuclear power plant based upon Thorium, because Thorium is unlike Uranium, in Thorium will burn down to a non radioactive ash.

TerraPower, Bill Gates and the Reactor - WSJ

Bill Gates has joined a field of inventors and investors in the future of nuclear energy. Mr. Gates is the chairman of TerraPower, a start-up whose design for a ...

53 trillion dollars is at stake, and the cartel is not going to allow some Hammond family to gain 100 billion dollars in royalties to become competitors politically. That is what is behind this land grab across America, and it is about something that would make all of Big Oil, Silicon Valley and everything else combined, but a pin head, compared to the skyscraper which Thorium holds for the global elite in their "green energy" gambit for global control.

Bill Gates Is Beginning to Dream the Thorium Dream | Motherboard

Bill Gates' nuclear power company just quietly announced they're getting into the thorium game.

The very groups which are all George Soros globalist funded from Sierra Club, Nature Conservancy to Oregon Wild were the groups who were directing democratic Governor Kate Brown her  talking points. This all ties into Obama and his India Tribes being sovereign in the Paiutes involved in calling for the murder of these Patriots at the Refuge. These are all leftist funded and community organized groups to overthrow America and criminalize Americans, with the glaring oddity in this that Kate Brown, the woman calling for bloodshed at the Refuge to end it, was getting advice from the Kitchen Table Democracy group, which is the National Policy Council of Collaboration or in their real name, the Communist Party of America.

Yes the very genesis of Bill Ayers, Val-erie Jarrett and Barack Obama, was giving political direction in Oregon.

A name kept popping up in the Governor's emails and it was Heidi Maowad, whose brother in law was of the State Police and who is a personal friend of Huma Abadeen, Hillary Clinton's personal lesbian assistant.
Maowad is Oregon State Public Safety and Affairs Officer, and she was the key link in Burns Oregon reporting back to Salem in this entire criminal affair as it built to this mercenary murder corp.

Oregon Blue Book: Office of the Governor: Agency Subdivisions

Office of the Governor: Agency Subdivisions. ... Heidi Moawad, Public Safety and Oregon Military ... in the public safety community around the state, ...

There is more to this nefarious tale as the regime in Oregon referred to something called, NATIONAL COMMAND AUTHORITY.
Heidi Moawad, was heatedly assaulted in one email, where she is questioned as to who she is answering to, the government in Salem Oregon or the regime in Washington DC.

This NATIONAL COMMAND AUTHORITY was title all were comfortable with, but no one has ever reported on it in the major Mockingbird Press. When one recalls the rather nonchalant way the Oregon State Police was referring to United Nation control areas inside of America, it begins to link to just what a National Command Authority was and is, and how it linking in this nefarious Obamatrade or TPP, which is handing the world over to conglomerate rule, as in Bill Gates with Thorium in Oregon.

We consider now the reports by Tex Marrs being informed that Delta Force was in operation in Oregon. That firing lines were created at least two days before LaVoy Finicum was murdered. We consider the Oregon State Police in the Deschutes County investigation, telling them that they did not expect a traffic stop, but instead they expected three vehicles to approach and ambush site, where in essence a firefight was to be initiated and ALL Patriots were to be exterminated at that location, or the location where LaVoy Finicum was murdered, and and in this, it begins to make sense in FBI and military joint operations, that this indeed was a real Jade Helm in deployment, as Red Smith of the Shasta Lantern and Paul Preston of the Washington Standard were receiving reports that drones were flying out of airports or bases in California from the beginning of this operation, and that the elite assassin squads were being flown in.
We know that two drones were flying over the kill zone where LaVoy Finicum was murdered. The Oregon State Police and FBI snipers who covered up their shooting at the scene were not aware of these drones recording their crimes. This points to military control of the Finicum murder, and it was an illegal deployment on American soil against Americans.

JSOC has provided support to domestic law enforcement agencies during high profile or high risk events such as the Olympics, the World Cup, political party conventions and Presidential inaugurations. Although use of the military for law enforcement purposes in the U.S. is generally prohibited by the Posse Comitatus Act, Title 10 of the U.S. Code expressly allows the Secretary of Defense to make military personnel available to train Federal, State, and local civilian law enforcement officials in the operation and maintenance of equipment; and to provide such law enforcement officials with expert advice.[16] Additionally, civilian and military lawyers said provisions in several federal statutes, including the Fiscal Year 2000 Defense Department Authorization Act, Public Law 106-65, permits the secretary of defense to authorize military forces to support civilian agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, in the event of a national emergency, especially any involving nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons

This becomes even more intriguing as one no longer discounts Oregon Ranchers being roughed up, along with other Citizens, in what were thought FBI undercover agents. One rancher reported two French accent "soldiers", and this then begs the reality of not if French forces were involved in some joint operation, but were these Canadian Special Operation forces,  Commandement des Forces d'opérations spéciales du Canada; COMFOSCAN who were somehow interwoven into this multinational deployment for the United Nations as an extension of Jade Helm training.
Quebec would yield French type military personnel and it would fit why this operation appears so disjointed, in Oregon State Police operating on shoot to kill orders, but not doing a very good job of it, and then some type of mercenary operations sowing Gregory Bretzing psyops to confuse the situation.

It should be noted that the FBI was apparently attempting to arrest the Patriots in John Day by the Constitutional Sheriff Palmer in Grant County, but the Oregon State Police and Senator Ron Wyden were intent on "stopping the virus at the source and not letting it spread".

Wyden is the odd entity in this being a NeoCom Jew from European immigrants, who is of that political group who should be anti police state and anti capitalism, but in Ron Wyden we have someone in league with the state police and calling for the execution of Patriots, and the next surprise is Ron Wyden like Obama and  Ted Cruz, was pushing for TPP or Obamatrade for the globalist order.

I think if you believe in trade and you want more of it, you also ought to do a better job of enforcing our trade laws,” Wyden adds, saying the TPP will have new enforcement measures. “This is very different [than NAFTA], and I think it’s high time.”   Wyden also says the TPP serves a national security interest, as it binds 12 countries – including Australia, Japan and Vietnam – together through trade.   “There’s an important point from an economic standpoint and a national security standpoint, for us to not walk off the field,” Wyden says. “Because if we do, China is going to step right in. 

This may be the key to the money and power trail in this, it would make sense that the cartel behind Thorium super power, would have key political stooges protecting that asset, and be in favor of a conglomerate dominated techno culture where Russians got the dirty power and Muslims got the sooty power in oil.

In Forensic psychology, this entire operation has been carried out in a most clinical, detached and  an almost artificial intelligence or programmed manner. There were expected outcomes as in war games, but almost confusion when the humans or Patriots did not respond as the war game was projected out.

The first stop was supposed to be a fire fight. Ryan Payne had a 40 mm grenade fired at his head, but there was not any aggression, so the law enforcement stood around not acting. The same was true in the ambush, in the Oregon State Police opened fire immediately. They expected a fire fight, and LaVoy Finicum surrendered. There was confusion again, in no attempt to apprehend Mr. Finicum. Time lapsed again, until some new murderous aspect was activated, as this United Nations mercenary squad of Delta Force and foreign thugs, were terrorizing the Burns residents, and as Special Agent Gregory Bretzing stated at a propaganda conference, that they did not have a complete assessment of who fired the shots that murdered LaVoy Finicum.

Now my children, you have an inside glimpse of the inner workings of the events which led up to the murder of LaVoy Finicum. It begins to become more clear, and it begins to make sense why this stop Trump campaign is being conducted, and why all of these Cruz and Paul Ryan politicians have joined Obama, and why it appears someone is dividing up American resources like a side of beef, and stealing American lands, jailing Americans and murdering Americans for a magic green power.

After reading the above, you should be having an OH MY moment as you understand what you have been experiencing on many levels, and why all of these stories are intertwined, as now they have meaning.

This will not be the last of these expose' postings in the Lame Cherry world of the matter anti matter.